Food Photography Tutorials

This is a bit of a hodge-podge page I’ve created over the past few years collecting valuable resources on food photog – most of what I learned about food photography I learned from these sites.

Pullback w/ my New Gear

An Amateur’s Perspective on Food Photography Series

written by your’s truly, my series on Jenn Cuisine!

Look at photos with a critical eye (and making fun of one of my early ones!)
Food photography is about celebrating light
Take your time and find your “zen place”
Angles of Light
Pay Attention to Props
The Histogram
It’s Not the Camera, It’s the Lighting
Exploring New Directions
Plate to Page Workshop Summary
Building an Image
Shades of Gray
White Bean and Ricotta Salad
Apple & Caramel Dumplings
Prosciutto Corn Muffins and White Balance
Creamy Cauliflower Soup and effect of gobos
Bruschetta with Arugula Pesto – Styling challenges
3 Reasons Why I Love my Tripod
Choosing a Focal Length

General Photography Tutorials

Digital Photography School – this site has useful info about all types of photography, not just food.
Kevin and Amanda – A quick guide to understanding your DSLR camera
Lighting 101, Strobist – A guide to all sorts of off-camera lighting advice
Manual Photography Cheat Sheet – Living in the Stills
Online SLR Camera Simulator – Play with settings “live” to learn how they affect your photos
Two Peas: 12 Weeks to Better Photos – all about the basics

General Food Photography Tips

101 Cookbooks Food Photography Tips
Appledrane – 10 Food Photography Tips for Beginners
Chocolate and Zucchini’s
Food Photography | Book Update
Chocolate Moosey – Understanding Aperture
Constable’s Larder
Food Blog Photography Lessons Pt 1
Crumbly Cookie’s
Food Photography Basics
Digital Photography School – 10 Tips for Mouth Watering Food Photography
Digital Photography School – Food Photography – an Introduction
Edible Perspective – Photography 101: Definitions
Edible Perspective – Photoraphy 101: Why aren’t my photos sharp?
Food Photography Blog – Digital Food Photography Tips (page #1)
Food Photography Blog – Digital Food Photography Tips (page 2)
Food Photography Blog – Food Photography Tips for Bloggers Pt 1
Food Photography Blog – Food Photography Tips for Bloggers Pt2
Indian Simmer – Food Photography – My Process
Indian Simmer – Food Photography – Q & A
Learn Food Photography – 11 Essential Food Photography Tips From Top Food Photographers
Learn Food Photography – 21 Food Photography Tips From #FBC10 – Part 2: Food Styling, Colors and Post Processing
Mattbites Notes about Photography
Matt Wright’s Food Photography
My Diverse Kitchen – Food Photography Basics – Getting Started
Notions of a Novice Cook – Secret Handshake of Food Photography
Picture Perfect – Recipe for a Great Image
Pioneer Woman – Ten Things I’ve Learned About Food Photography
Photoshelter – Essentials of Shooting Food Photography, interview with Jonathan Gayman
Six Bittersweets – My Take on Food Styling and Photography
Small Camera Big Picture – Photography Tips for Foodies
Smitten Kitchen’s
Our Approach to Food Photos
Tartelette’s Tips on Food Photography, appearing on My Cooking Hut
Vegan Yum Yum’s Food Photography for Bloggers
V. K. Rees – The Creative Process Behind the Photo Shoot

Composition & Styling

Andrew Scrivani – Food Photography: The Elements of Styling
Bittersweet – Food Styling 101: Soup
Culinographie – Choisir le Bon Fond
Desserts for Breakfast – A Cake Case Study – food photography styles and trends
Digital Photography School – 11 Great Camera Angles for Food Photography
Donna Ruhlman – Adding Flour to Your Photos for Texture
Eyes Bigger than my Stomach – Props – A Resource Guide
Eyes Bigger than my Stomach – Props on a Budget
Food Blog Forum – Making white textured backdrops for food photography
Food Blog Forum – Mis en Place of Shooting Food at Home – Back to Warm Meals!
Food Blog Forum – Photoshoot: Salmon Sandwich
Food Blog Forum – The Value of Vintage Silverware
Food Photo 101-4: Composition 1.0
Food Photo 101: FP101-5: Rule of Thirds
Food Props on Sunday
– an awesome series on Lucullian Delights about pieces used to style food shots
Frog Bites – Food Styling and Composition Part 1
Gourmande in the Kitchen – the Language of Food Styling
Gourmande in the Kitchen – the Language of Prop Styling
Gourmande in the Kitchen – Principles of Design
Gourmande in the Kitchen – Finding your Style
Gourmande in the Kitchen – Creating Moods
Gourmande in the Kitchen – Styling with Chantelle Grady
Gourmande in the Kitchen – Props with Naomi Robinson
Gourmande in the Ktichen – Moody Images with Peter Georgakopolous
Hungry Australian – The Business of Food Styling, a Workshop with Denise Vivaldo
Irish Food Bloggers Association – 10 Food Styling Tips
Learn Food Photography  How to Photograph Soup: 6 Tips for Great Soup Photos
Learn Food Photography – The Best Camera Angle for Taking Food Photos
Michael Ray – Food Photography Critique – Ice Cream
Nicole Young – Food Props and Styling Resources for Photographers
Pixiq – Food Styling for the Food Blogger
Pretty Handy Girl – Techniques for Aging Furniture
Running with Tweezers – when good food looks bad: a styling post
Running with Tweezers – RWT styles sandwiches
Still Life With – Cheapo Styling Tricks: Color Backgrounds
Still Life With – When Bad Food Goes Good
Souvlaki for the Soul – Food and Prop Styling for Food Bloggers
Taylor Takes a Tastes – Creating Backgrounds Part I
Taylor Takes a Taste – Exploring Hues with Hot Peppers
Taylor Takes a Taste – Using one Color to Say a Lot
What’s Cooking Mexico – Food Photography Composition
What’s Cooking Mexico – Food Photography Composition III
What’s Cooking Mexico – Food Photography Styling
Who’s Hungry – Three Methods for Creating Steam
Will Write for Food – Styling Pro’s Secrets to Gorgeous Food Photos
Yummy Food – Styling & Composition in Food Photography

Editing & Post-Processing

Eyes Bigger than my Stomach – Basic Food Photography Post-Processing Tutorial
Food Blog Forum – Lightroom Healing
Foodie Bride: How I Edit
Matt Wright – Editing Food Photography in Lightroom
Matt Wright’s Food Photography Post Production
No Recipes – Adobe Lightroom Tutorial for Food Photography
No Recipes – Adobe Lightroom 4.0 Tutorial
Scribbles and Notes – Lightroom for Editing Your Photos
Scribbles and Notes- Setting your Watermark in Lightroom
Taylor Takes a Taste – Cropping and Orientation

Gear & Settings

By Thom – Tripods and Ball Heads
Chasing Delicious – Focal Length (50 mm v 85 mm)
Culinographie – La Balance des Blancs
David Lebovitz – My Food Photography Gear
Food Blog Forum – Point and Shoot vs. dSLR
Food Bloggers of Canada – Iphoneography – Some Advice
The Food in My Beard – How to Build a Softbox Photography Setup
Food Photo 101 – FP101-3: Depth of Field
Food Photography Blog – What’s the best lens for food photography?
Matt Wright’s Compact Camera Photography
My Diverse Kitchen – Do I need a DSLR to get Good Photographs?
My Diverse Kitchen – Which Camera? What Lenses?
Still Life With – Spring Cleaning
Still Life With – 2011 Guide to Food Photography Gear
Taylor Takes a Taste – Creativity with Shutter Speed
Thought for Food – Why I love taking Pictures with my Phone
V. K. Rees – Food Photography, The Technical Basics
White on Rice Couple – Principles of Photography – ISO
White on Rice Couple – Principles of Photography – Exposure
White on Rice Couple – Principles of Photography – Shutter Speed
White on Rice Couple – Principles of Photography – Aperture
White on Rice Couple – Principles of Photography – White Balance

Lighting & Setup

Andrew Scrivani – How to Shoot in Bright Daylight
Cook, Shoot Eat – Lighting with Food and Strobes
Culinographie – La Lumière – Part I
Culinographie – La Lumière – Part II
Culinographie – Diffuse and Reflect – Taming Bright Light
Digital Photography School – A Basic Food Photography Kit
Donna Ruhlman – Active Dry Yeast Photo: Appreciate Winter Light
Donna Ruhlman – Available Light/Snow And Using Fill Cards
Epicure in Lights: Easy Light for an Easy Recipe
Epicure in Lights: Light the mood… dark and elegant.
Foodografia – Mozzarella – Lighting White on White Foods
Foodografia – Ricotta – Lighting White on White Foods
Food Lover’s Journey – Food Photography in Artificial Light – My Experience
FStoppers – Taylor Mathis – One Light Food Photography
Iron Chef Shellie – Photography Tips – Setting up for Winter
JungleFrog Cooking – Working with Studio Strobes – Not as Scary as You Think
Learn Food Photography: Lighting Tips For Food Photography Part 2 – Different Types of Lighting Equipment for Photographing Food
Learn Food Photography – 41 Awesome Food Photography Tips from Food Bloggers Connect #FBC10 – Part 1: Lighting for Food Photography
Matt Wright –  On Location Food Photography Setup
She Wear’s Many Hats – Handy Dandy Photography Tip
Shoot to Cook – Creating Sun on a Cloudy Day
Spicie Foodie – What Lights to Use when Sunlight is not Available
Steamy Kitchen – Lowel Ego Lights for Food Photography
Still Life With – The Joys of Tissue Paper
Strobist – Emily Knudsen’s Baby Veggies
Stuffed Pepper – Food Photography 101 – It’s all about the light
Taylor Takes a Taste – Flash with Food #1
Taylor Takes a Taste – Food Photography Lighting Tutorial
Taylor Takes a Taste – High and Low Key Food Photography
Taylor Takes a Taste – Shooting a Picnic in the Park
White on Rice Couple – How we Photographed Edamame Soybean Soup
White on Rice Couple – Food Photography with On Camera Speedlight 

Food Photography Blogs

Adriana Mullen by Adriana Mullen
– by Penney De Los Santos
Cook, Shoot, Eat – by Bill Brady
Culinographie A blog about styling, technique, and tips, written in French
Dario Milano Photography – by Dario Milano
Desserts for Breakfast – by Stephanie Shih
Dietlind Wolf – by Dietlind Wolf
Epicure in Light: Behind the Scenes – by Rob Davidson and Linsey Bell
Foodografia – by Alessandro Guerani
Food Photo NYC – by Linda Furlong and Richard Haber
Food Photography Portfolio – by Michael Ray
Food Stylism (group pool on Flickr)
Food Photography Club (group pool on Flickr)
Ilva Beretta Photography – by Ilva Beretta
Joylicious – by Joy Zhang
Learn Food Photography – Features many interviews of pro food photographers
Photisserie – by Kathrin Koschitzki, written in German
Plate to Page – images by Ilva Beretta
Simone’s Kitchen – by Simone Van Den Berg (Dutch and English)
Still Life Style – by stylist Paula Walters
Taylor Takes a Taste – by Taylor Mathis
V. K. Rees – by Vanessa K. Rees
What Katie Ate – by Katie Quinn Davies
What’s for Lunch Honey – by Meeta Wolff


Armendariz, Matt Focus on Food Photography For Bloggers: Focus on the Fundamentals,2012.
Bellingham, Linda Food Styling for Photographers: A Guide to Creating your own Appetizing Art, 2008.
Bellingham, Linda More Food Styling for Photographers & Stylists: A Guide to Creating your own Appetizing Art, 2011.
Brady, Bill More Digital Food Photography, 2012.
Campbell, Teri Food Photography and Lighting: A Commercial Photographer’s Guide to Creating Irresistible Images, 2012.
Custer, Delores Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera, 2010.
Dujardin, Helene Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography and Styling, 2011.
Ferroni, Lara Food Photography: Pro Secrets for Styling, Lighting & Shooting, 2012.
Hunter, Fil; Biver, Steven; Fuqua, Paul Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, 2007.
Manna, Lou Digital Food Photography, 2005.
Mathis, Taylor Photographing FOOD, magazine series
Parks-Whitfield, Alison Food Styling and Photography for Dummies, 2012.
Van Den Berg, Simone Digitale Fotografie: Food: Technieck, Belichting en Styling voor Culinaire Fotos, 2013.
Vivaldo, Denise The Food Stylist’s Handbook, 2010.
Young, Nicole Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, 2011.

Challenges and Contests

DMBLGIT – Does my blog look good in this? A monthly food photography contest
Exercises in Food Photography – hosted by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen, interactive monthly challenges to help you improve your food photography.
Food Photo Challenge – hosted by Simone Van Den Berg, judged by Simone, Meeta Wolff, and myself
Photo Critique – submit your images to Dario Milano, and he will critique them on his facebook page – the resulting album has become a wealth of knowledge!

Well those are just a few links, hope this is useful for those of you like me always looking to learn more about taking pictures of their food! Have you found any other awesome instructional sites in your food photography journey? Send me a quick message at jenncuisine at gmail dot com and if I think it’s useful I’ll add it to the list!