Gluten Free Ratio Rally

The gluten free ratio rally is a monthly blogging event started by Shauna Ahern of Gluten Free Girl, to bring fellow bloggers together figuring out how to create everyone’s favorite baked goods by ratio.

The idea of cooking by ratio is that if one cooks by weight and utilizes the ratios of ingredients to each other rather than less accurate volume measurements (as densities of GF ingredients are often very different from conventional ingredients), we can have better success in recipe development and figuring out what gluten free versions work best.  Each month participants join up to take on a new challenge, discussing throughout the month their experiences and trials, and then blog about their month’s adventures on the 1st Wed. of the following month.

Interested in joining? Contact me, or Shauna Ahern, or Erin Swing for details.

Past Challenges and their Hosts:


Oct – posts will go live Nov. 7th!
Sept – Gluten Free Tarts – Charissa of Zest Bakery
Aug – Gluten Free Tortillas – Brook of B & the Boy!
Jul – Gluten Free Angel Food Cake – Caleigh of Gluten Free[k]
Jun - Gluten Free Crackers and Breadsticks – Rachel of The Crispy Cook
May – Gluten Free Bread – Karen of Gluten Free Cooking
Apr – Gluten Free Bagels – Morri of Meals with Morri
Mar – Gluten Free Brownies – Mary Fran of FrannyCakes
Feb – Gluten Free Crêpes – T.R. of No One Likes Crumbley Cookies
Jan – Gluten Free Popovers – Mrs. R. of Honey from Flinty Rocks


Dec – Gluten Free Biscuits - Gretchen of Kumquat
Nov – Gluten Free Cookies – Caroline of The G Spot
Oct - Gluten Free Pie – Lisa of Gluten Free Canteen
Sept – Gluten Free Pizza – Karen of Cooking Gluten Free!
Aug -  Gluten Free Doughnuts - Meg of GF Boulangerie
July – Gluten Free Butter Cake – Kate of Gluten Free Gobsmacked
June –  Gluten Free Pasta – Jenn of Jenn Cuisine (me! and the pasta I made for it is currently displayed in my blog header :) )
May - Gluten Free Pâte à Choux – Erin of the Sensitive Epicure
April –  Gluten Free Scones – Lauren of Celiac Teen
Mar –  Gluten Free Quick Bread – Silvana of Silvana’s Kitchen
Feb –  Gluten Free Pancakes – Shauna of Gluten Free Girl

*Note – Months in this list indicate the month we all worked on the challenges – posts are published the 1st Wed. of the following month – so all Feb 2011 we worked on creating GF pancake recipes, and then published our results in the 1st week of March. The number is just sequential with each subsequent challenge.

And so I have a record of my own trials, I have labeled my blog posts documenting my participation in the Gluten Free Ratio Rally under the category GF Ratio Rally.