1. How can I contact you?
    Please see the contact page. Feel free to drop me an email or a tweet!
  2. Do you review or give away products?
    I do not currently review products or books on this site.
  3. Can I advertise on your blog?
    At the moment, I am not accepting advertising. I am mostly sure this is a permanent decision.
  4. Can I use your posts on my site/publication?
    My original creative work, including all text and images hosted here and on flickr (unless stated otherwise), is © All Rights Reserved, 2008 – 2012. Please contact me for all usage requests.
  5. I would love to feature an article/interview/photo/recipe by you or about you in my online or print publication.  
    Wow, I am flattered!! Please email me so we can talk further about the details of your request.
  6. I would like to write a guest blog on your site.
    Thanks so much for the offer, however I don’t usually have guest posters on my site.
  7. Can I use one of your recipes on my blog?
    Yes, recipes were meant to be shared and evolve!  I only ask that you give credit where credit is due.


  1. What type of equipment do you have?
    My camera - Nikon D300s, Nikon D800
    My lenses - Nikkor 16-35 f/4, Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8, Nikkor 85mm f/1.8, Nikkor 105mm f/2.8
    My tripod - Gitzo GT3530LS Tripod Legs and Manfrotto Geared Head
    My lighting - whatever the good sun chooses to shine through my window, SB-900
    My props- whatever I can find in our home or at a flea market.
  2. Can I use your photos on my site/publication?
    My original creative work, including all text and images hosted here and on flickr (unless stated otherwise), is © All Rights Reserved, 2008 – 2012. Please contact me for all usage requests.
  3. I would love to improve my photography, can you help me?
    I have collected some great resources for food photography on my Photography Tips page, which also include links to a series I run here on Jenn Cuisine titled Amateur’s Food Photography. If you have specific questions, maybe I can help, just drop me a line.


  1. Can we do a link exchange?
    I refer you to Deb of Smitten Kitchen and her post on Food Blog Alliance: Why Link Exchanges Are a Terrible, No-Good Idea.  My blogroll is a personal choice of blogs I choose to list, that I read regularly.
  2. What is your comment policy?
    Comments are welcome and encouraged!  Please feel free to start discussion within posts.  Have an idea for a variation on something I made?  Constructive criticisms or advice? Did you try a recipe – how did it come out?  All of these things are great to talk about!  Generally, please be on topic and be respectful of others.  Spam is not tolerated.  Please keep in mind that under no circumstances are comments on Jenn Cuisine or its associated social networking sites (such as the Jenn Cuisine fan page on facebook) to serve as your own personal free advertising platform, but instead are to promote thoughtful discussion and conversation.  I reserve the right to moderate all comments as I see fit.
  3. How do I print a recipe?
    At the bottom of each recipe post should be the recipe for how to create a certain dish.  Just above the name of the recipe is a black bar that says “Print Recipe”.  If you click on that it will load a printing dialog to print the recipe text.  If you have any issues please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.
  4. How do I find a certain recipe?
    My first advice if you are looking to browse the recipes here on the site, is to check out the recipe index, where I list all the gluten free recipes on Jenn Cuisine sorted by category.  If you are looking for something specific or a specific ingredient, I encourage you to use the search bar in the side bar – just type in what you are looking for and you should receive a page of results.
  5. Why are your recipes measured by weight instead of cups?  Any why the metric units?!
    Since the start of 2011 I have switched to measuring by weight when baking gluten free.  You can read about the details in my first post for the gluten free ratio rally. For converting recipes to gluten free, substituting by weight produces much more reliable results, and I highly encourage anyone experimenting in gluten free baking to try baking by weight rather than volume.  As for the metric units, I am trained as a scientist.  I have dealt with the metric system nearly exclusively on a daily basis for over a decade.  I think in grams rather than ounces, and so that’s what I use.  Most scales can operate in either metric or American units, and there are several unit converters online – but if you need help converting a measurement I have written to units you are comfortable with, please email me and I will do my best to help you out.
  6. How is this blog supported?
    Full Disclosure Statement - I do not receive any income for my blog.  I am not paid by anyone for any product mention.  I support this blog fully out of my own pocket.  All opinions are my own and mine alone.  I am generally not open for reviews.  If I have done a product review in the past or do one in the future, it will have been because I truly love and recommend the product of which I am speaking and no other motive – any gifts/freebies etc. that may or may not have been received will be disclosed fully in each post that pertains to such things. All opinions are my own and not necessarily that of my employer.
  7. Can I link to your site?
    Sure, I would be honored!
  8. Who designed your blog?
    The lovely Barbara of Kinetic Webs LLC. Graphic design is by yours truly.
  9. Can you help me become a better food blogger?
    Maybe in the future I will do a series on blogging, but for now, I have a list of food blog conferences and workshops going on that I come across.  I have kept this list actively updated for well over a year now.  If you know of other events, please let me know so I can add it to the list!
  10. What is your audience reach?
    Jenn Cuisine has grown considerably since launching in 2008.  The site has averaged over 30k hits per month over the last six months, with almost 1,000 RSS subscribers and over 600 email subscribers.  Jenn uses social media actively, with over 3,000 followers on Twitter, over 1,000 likes on Facebook, and is in over 19,000 circles on Google +.

Gluten Free

  1. I see you have a gluten free blog, are you a medical professional?
    Health Disclaimer - I am NOT a licensed medical professional NOR am I a certified nutritionist. This site is NOT meant to be used in place of medical advice. You are responsible for your own consumption of foods. Consult a licensed medical professional before making any dietary changes. Contact manufacturer to inquire about allergy risks in specific food products.
    I have tags on my blog for gluten free, dairy free, and diabetic friendly.  However, I do not purport to have any medical credentials or knowledge to safely say for every individual what is safe for them or not.  If you are not sure if a particular dish is right for you, you need to check with a certified health care professional who can best assess your specific dietary and medical needs.  Only you and your doctor can know if something is OK for you to eat.  I add the tags only because they may be helpful to readers seeking inspiration for meals when on restricted diets, but I am NOT a medical doctor NOR am I a certified nutritionist.
    And as always, ingredient contents vary between products.  Just because one brand of food product that I may use on my site is gluten free/dairy free etc. does not mean that all other food products also are.  Always check labels for ingredients, safety, and allergy information and if you are unsure, seek the advice of a certified health care professional before consuming.  Again, I am not a medical doctor nor a nutritionist and I have no legal qualifications to give advisement when it comes to personal health.
  2. Why is your blog gluten free?
    I blog gluten free because my husband is intolerant to gluten, and thus pretty much everything I cook I make so that he can also enjoy it.
  3. Is every recipe on your blog gluten free?
    Every recipe listed in the recipe index is gluten free.  Some of the very very earliest posts here on Jenn Cuisine are not, and those will never appear in the recipe index – those few posts also have a large “Warning this post is not gluten free” caution written on them.
  4. Gluten free is hard! Have any tips?
    I’ve been collecting tips that I’ve found around the web on my resources page.  Also there are links to my Gluten Free Substitutions Series that I wrote in 2010.  In addition be sure to check out the gluten free ratio rally posts, where several gluten free bloggers have banded together in search of the best ratios for creating myriad gluten free recipes.
  5. I wish you made your recipes free of dairy/corn/egg/soy/nut/sugar/<insert your diet restriction here>…
    We currently only have one food allergy in our household, and so that is the only allergy I really have ever had to learn how to handle in the kitchen.  As I have stated above, I have made tags for dairy-free and diabetic friendly recipes because I think they may be helpful, but I am not a medical professional and so as with everything you must use your own care and judgement when reading a recipe.  I do not have any experience substituting for diet restrictions other than gluten, but I encourage you to experiment and see how it goes – I am always interested in the food chemistry of recipe substitutions, so if you find a way to make any of my recipes suitable for your restricted diet, I would love to hear about it and the changes that you made.