Gluten Free Top Ten of 2010

December 30, 2010
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2010, what an eventful year it has been. We moved halfway across the world, met fabulous new people, saw beautiful sights, cooked a lot of gluten free food, and of course photographed it all for you :) We’ve had happy times and sad times, good news and bad news, and at the end of the day are still here, together, hopefully a little wiser, and able to be in close contact with our family and friends an ocean away. I hope you all have had a good year, and here is to hoping the best for 2011!

To end 2010, I am sharing my top ten list. This order isn’t based on any statistics, number of comments, any measurable metric. It’s a completely subjective list of the posts that meant the most to me that I think you will enjoy. So without further ado, je vous présente the list!


Pan-Roasted Almonds with Thyme and Truffle Oil

December 20, 2010
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We celebrated Christmas a week early. Now that we have gotten in the holiday spirit thanks to our fun trip strolling through the Marché de Noël, it seems my husband and I are all about Christmas this year. I love the idea of embracing new traditions for ourselves, and so this weekend to accommodate our schedules a bit better, we had our full on Christmas feast. A veritable 3 course dinner just for the two of us – because what better Christmas present could I give my husband than a great meal made with love, and the two of us just enjoying each other’s company on these unseasonably cold and blustery Winter days?


Le Marché de Noël – A day at the Christmas Market en Suisse

December 17, 2010
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I didn’t decorate our home for Christmas this year. No wreaths, no tree, not even Christmas lights. Nothing. I just haven’t really felt in the mood. Truth be told, it’s been rather hard for me or my husband to get “in the holiday spirit” lately.

Next week will be the first Christmas my husband and I have spent together without getting to see any family. It’s not how we originally planned it, but it is what it is. I’ve spent holidays thousands of miles apart from my family before, while I was in grad school off doing field work for my research – but those times I knew when I’d be back home, and the situation was very temporary. We’ve really become rather accustomed to our lives here over the past year, but by far the suckiest part is not having our family around. And just because I’ve spent Christmas away from family before doesn’t mean it gets any easier the next time (or the time after that).


Autumn Flavors – A Collection of Recipes

October 26, 2010
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It is finally Autumn. The air spirals out of chilly noses in the mornings wisping into swirls of steam as children hurriedly rush to school. I’ve got my mug on my desk always filled with tea and a bit of honey, and there is that renewed sense of energy that everyone gets when the lazy days of Summer are over. The leaves are yellow and orange, one last burst of colorful energy, desperately trying to hang on to the unforgiving branches of the trees. We are in the last few days of glistening in the sunshine before the long gray Winter decides to take up residence for a while on the edge of our little lac, nestled up against the already snow-covered Alps.


An Adventure with Peanut Butter Cookies, Gluten Free

August 5, 2010
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Flour-based cookies seem to be my gluten free nemesis. I’ve never gotten sugar cookies right, and my chocolate chip ones just turn into a flat melty mess unless I bake them in a bowl to become a mini cookie cake – sometimes, one has to get creative and work with the failures. But these I am determined to convert, and convert with resounding success. I started working on the recepe development to adapt a family recipe for peanut butter cookies. It’s been, well, let’s just say it’s been educational.

It took six. Six batches. Yes, it took six different trials of baking cookies – mixing together dough, carefully rolling out each rounded cookie, smashing them down with a fork oh so gently, slipping into the oven and saying a little prayer to the gluten free gods. And with each new batch, the disappointment intensified. I tried different flours, different ratios, different cooking times. And I ended up with a giant bowl full of all the crumbled memories of peanut butter cookie failures, each begging me not to end their fleeting existence with a trip to the rubbish bin (don’t worry, they didn’t, the ended up on top of ice cream instead). But, by the time I got through to batch #6, I had cookies. Rich, softish peanut buttery goodness, gluten free. And the disappointments from all the previous failures turned into pure joy. They are not quite as awesome as my dad’s grandmother’s famous cookies (well, famous in our family), but they are close. Oh they are so close.


Cashew Butter Cookies

July 8, 2010

I’m not sharing a recipe with you today.  I’m sharing an idea, and that idea is cashew butter.  Ok, so it’s not an idea, it’s an ingredient.  I’m not sharing with you a recipe because this is one I want to adapt to be gluten free first.  This is my dad’s grandmother’s peanut butter cookie […]