Choux Adventures

July 26, 2013

Often when I think of adventure, I think of a trip up to the mountains – feeling on top of the world with the entire landscape below, sun and wind in your face, and if you close your eyes and clear your mind you can convince yourself you might even be floating up there.  Watching […]


Valentine’s Temptations

February 13, 2013

I’m not one for much sappy romantic love, never really have been.  But my husband? He writes me poems, it’s so sweet and endearing.  He wrote me poems on our wedding day, and sometimes I’ll wake up to find a little note that he composed professing his love for me. Me? I request that we […]


Monthly Mingle Roundup – Americana

October 2, 2012

Well September has come and gone (rather quickly I might add!), and with that have been several gorgeous Americana recipes to celebrate for Meeta’s lovely Monthly Mingle event! I had a great time hosting this month and seeing what great American creations everyone came up with – shall we take a tour??


11 Highlights from 2011

December 29, 2011

Au revoir 2011! This has certainly been an eventful year for us – my sister got married, had a gorgeous baby boy, and we are going to have a baby of our own next year! As I sit writing this currently sipping tea in Vienna fantasizing about what pastry delicacy I am going to enjoy […]


Prepping for Thanksgiving

November 16, 2011
Thumbnail image for Prepping for Thanksgiving

One of my favorite things about New England in the Fall is waking up early while it’s still dark, sipping my hot tea, and watching the dim blue of nighttime fade into twilight and eventually watch the trees glow in yellow golden hue of the morning sunrise.  Even in mid-november, there is still some color […]


Quick and Easy Cornbread, Gluten Free

January 22, 2011
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Lately, the weather has looked like a mean Winter blizzard outside. The landscape takes on a rather colorless hue as the permanent gray sets in. And if you do go outside during a rare event of blue sky & sunshine, you are likely to look like this, hair flying every which way even if you attempt to bundle up w/ a scarf and a hat (well, at least my husband has the scarf bit down, still working on the whole wearing a hat thing). Ice can even freeze sideways! I found a way to take the chill of by visiting a famous chocolaterie en Suisse, but for my husband, I made him a sweet gluten free cornbread with cheese and bell peppers, just the way he wanted it :)