Hearty Spring Soup, Gluten Free

March 20, 2010

Is that really glutenicious bread next to a gluten free soup???? How can that be?  I have mentioned this previously, but the reason for my “mostly gluten free” blog rather than “completely gluten free” is that we have a dual household.  While my diet is probably 90% gluten free at home, I do enjoy eating […]


"Osso Buco" Stew, Sorta OK Not Really

March 4, 2010

Yes, this is osso buco stew, not osso buco.  Why? Mainly because sometimes I am lazy.  I did not want to have to check it and baste it, especially since it was an amazing miracle that the pot I cooked it in even fit in my countertop oven.  Yes, I slow cooked osso buco for […]


Cream of Chestnut Soup

January 9, 2010

Ever since I started making food with chestnuts, I have been searching out great chestnut recipes to try.  I just cannot get over how much I love their earthy flavor.   I  happened to come across this great chestnut soup recipe over at The Bitten Word a couple of weeks before Christmas and knew that […]


Pumpkin Shrimp Bisque

November 7, 2009

I’ve decided that pumpkin is the most versatile food on Earth.  You can use it equally in savory or sweet dishes, and it works with a wide variety of flavor profiles, from sweet maple/vanilla to sage/nutmeg to curries or gingery flavors.  I think those are the most popular combinations, but I also love trying out […]


Creamy Smoked Cheddar & Broccoli Soup

November 4, 2009

To tell the truth, I really didn’t feel like cooking today.  Getting up this morning to a chilly breeze and frost everywhere didn’t help with my motivation either.  In fact, all I really wanted to do was just curl up back in bed and stay there, where it was nice and warm under the down […]


Butternut Squash, Two Ways

October 27, 2009

Buttery Pan-Fried Butternut Squash Creamy Butternut & Pumpkin Soup These two dishes came from the same butternut squash.  Actually, the first dish went on to become the second.  I LOVED the first dish.  Roasted butternut squash, pan fried with cannellini beans in a LOT of butter with sage, tarragon, and nutmeg.  The buttery smoothness to the squash […]