Clam Chowder, Gluten Free

October 24, 2010
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Growing up in New England, clam chowder is total comfort food for me. There was this place on the shore that served New England style chowder in sourdough bread bowls… oh sweet heaven. The first time I took my husband to New England to see my old “stomping grounds”, I showed him my favorite things growing up, many of which involved food. What can I say, foods are strongly linked to memories. I had already decided at that point (and so had he) in our dating that we were meant to be. Aww, we were grad students, young and in love….


Chilled Pasta Salad

July 15, 2010

I tend to lose my appetite easily when it is grossly hot outside like it has been this week, tending towards fresh fruits and greens over carbs & meats.  There’s just one problem with desiring such lighter fare day after day – I don’t consume enough calories and then I am hungry.  So how to […]


Marinated Pan-Fried Salmon

June 28, 2010

Although I grew up in New England and have fond childhood memories of many regional treats like maple sugar candy, my family did not cook much fish.  Actually, truth be told, I did not even know I liked fish until my early 20s.  I started to become a bit more adventurous in this area upon […]


Smoked Salmon Pâté

June 13, 2010

I don’t usually write about my failures in the kitchen – after all, who wants to try a recipe that didn’t work?  However, at the risk of sounding cliché, I’m learning the slow lesson that life is not always about the end result, but about the process that one went through to get there. Our […]


Shrimp and Avocado Salad

April 26, 2010

I had a post ready for you all.  I was so moved by Shauna‘s recent post where she poured out her heart and soul about her life; it was exactly the wake-up call that I needed.  I immediately wanted to share with you all my story, and my struggles with my own body.  For, while […]


Beurre Blanc Poached Cod

February 23, 2010

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s -all those silly chalky conversation hearts that taste like Tums just don’t do it for me.  Most years it just feels like another “Hallmark holiday” – I mean, if you truly love someone, do you really need a special day during the year to tell them?  I […]