Buckwheat Scallion Pancakes

March 17, 2014
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Happy St. Paddy’s Day! This month marks 6 years since I created this blog, and 5 years since I began using a DSLR camera and started learning photography (Ok, actually I got my first DSLR about 6 months before that as a wedding gift, but it literally took me several months to figure out how […]


Homemade Maple Cream

December 16, 2012

When the depravity of humankind seems too much to bear, when we don’t want to try to bring our minds to accept the in comprehensible tragedies we never even knew possible, it seems a cold bleak world indeed. I cannot offer up much to alter one’s impression of our world or the atrocities that occur […]


Ratio Rally – Gluten Free Bagels

May 2, 2012
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It’s time for more ratio rally fun!! This month’s challenge kept us all up to task, making bagels!   Living in Europe bagels have not been something easy to find, let alone gluten free ones, so coming up with a bagel recipe we could be happy with would certainly prove very useful.  Both of us […]


Gluten Free Ratio Rally – Popovers

February 1, 2012
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These were supposed to be gluten free chocolate popovers.  Popovers are like muffins but rise more and have more air inside, hence they “pop over” the tin they are baked in.  As you can see, I didn’t quite get all the kinks worked out by the deadline for this month’s ratio rally This month, Mrs. R […]


Grateful for love and strawberries.

April 13, 2011
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Strawberries aren’t in season en Suisse.  I’d gather they won’t be for at least a month yet.  But when these little red darlings started showing up in le marché, I could hardly resist.  I’ve been going through strawberry withdrawl ever since…. oh wait I couldn’t resist during Valentine’s either when I made my husband sabayon […]


GF Substitutions Part XII: How to Handle your Flops

September 26, 2010
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This week is all about dealing with that one thing in gluten free cooking / baking that no matter what variety you try, you always have issues with, and how to keep moving towards progress and keep your spirits up. I am sure there is something that just never seems to work out exactly they way you want it to, no matter how many kinds you try or how many times you make it. For me, that thing is cookies. It seems no matter what type of cookie I try to make, there are always issues. Too thin and spreading, hard as a rock, or just plain old morphing into something almost unrecognizable at all. When I try to make cookies, there is always that sense of trepidation and intimidation that comes over me. Yet I haven’t given up on cookies completely, and keep trying! I think knowing how to deal with flops is an important issue – flops don’t necessarily mean you’re a bad cook! I think they can be a bit more frequent during gluten free cooking/baking because oftentimes when we are in the kitchen making gluten free deliciousness, recipes can be a bit experimental – especially if you are trying to make your own recipe or adapt a glutenicious one for the first time.