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Tortilla Española – Finca Buenvino

October 17, 2013
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Wow, what a week. Last week we traveled to sunny Andalucía, Spain, to La Sierra de Aracena for a week-long getaway and food photography workshop (this Autumn has been the season of workshops for me – first Amsterdam, and now Spain!) with Tim Clinch. We stayed at Finca Buenvino, a gorgeous countryside B&B run by […]


Roasted Tomato Tart

September 23, 2013
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When I was younger, I hated waiting (ok, I still do – I was born with a serious deficiency in patience).  Every event in life felt like one slow tedious step to the next – must pass this test to get this grade, must advance through this year to get to this college, must do these […]


Five Years

March 17, 2013

Five years. For over half a decade I have dedicated a little space of internet for my ramblings about food, I can’t believe it! Who knew when I started that I would still be blogging five years later?? I think it’s a lot of fun to look back and see the transformations I’ve made since […]


Homemade Maple Cream

December 16, 2012

When the depravity of humankind seems too much to bear, when we don’t want to try to bring our minds to accept the in comprehensible tragedies we never even knew possible, it seems a cold bleak world indeed. I cannot offer up much to alter one’s impression of our world or the atrocities that occur […]


Lausanne Weekend Market

August 18, 2012
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I adore going to markets here in Europe.  Every time we take a trip to a new location, the local markets are almost certain on our “must-see” (and “must-taste”) list – Besides cities en Suisse, I’ve been to markets so far also in France, Austria and Italy, and they continue to be one of my […]


A Gluten Free French Omelette

March 12, 2012
A Gluten Free French Omelette

Ha, I know what you’re thinking – duh, of course an omelette is gluten free! Why are you calling something that never had gluten to begin with a gluten free recipe?  Well, there’s a reason and a story to go with this one, I promise. It all started with a discussion on the merit of […]