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Homemade Tomato Jam

September 18, 2011
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  The end of Summer is upon us – some people I’m sure will be reminiscing about times at the beach or picnics and bbqs in the sun with friends, fruits and vegetables from their gardens and holidays.    I am reminiscing about my travels to Germany, Spain, France, and great hikes in the Alps, […]


Summer Ginger Apricot Wine Coolers

July 14, 2011
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I never knew what all the hype was about fresh apricots until I moved to Switzerland. My grandmother used to talk about apricots that she would eat when she was growing up in California, and I never quite understood her fascination with them because well, New England (where I grew up) just isn’t known for […]


Garlic Mustard Pan Roasted Lamb

June 13, 2011
Garlic Mustard Pan Roasted Lamb

Why do we need a special occasion to eat tasty food? My husband and I don’t eat fancy food very often.  We hardly ever go out to eat, and most dinners at home are vegetarian, consisting of pasta, rice or bean dishes or salad, rather uncomplicated and reasonably affordable.  But from time to time, my […]


Early Morning Poached Eggs & Tomatoes

May 24, 2011
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Are you a morning person?? I’m a reluctant morning person.  Usually doing my best not to throw my ipod across the room as the purposely annoying ring drags me out of the sweet nothingness that was sleep, leaving me to stumble out of bed and fumble for the buttons on the coffee maker, totally useless […]


Daring Cooks Make Gumbo

May 14, 2011
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Today marks exactly two years since we Daring Cooks intrepidly revealed our first cooking challenge to the world, and every month since has been an eventful, educational (and sometimes stressful) trip across various techniques and cuisines. I am sad to say this shrimp & sausage gumbo will be my 20th and last Daring Cooks challenge that I present to you – the past 24 months have been wonderful, but I have to move on – Daring Cooks was an amazing experience, and did wonders to help me grow with my skills in the kitchen, new techniques, and above all creativity (especially when it came to making some of the challenges gluten free!).


The Essentials of Guacamole

May 1, 2011
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My baby sister is growing up!  It’s really hard not to think of her as a cute little kid, she’s always been my baby sister.  We’re five years apart you see, and while that isn’t such a difference now, it really was a lot when we were young.  She may have had her antics that […]