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Hot Chocolate

January 25, 2013
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I had a post all ready in my mind for the past couple weeks on this quinoa salad I made, our relationship with quinoa, and the effects of its globalization.  It’s a complex issue especially for us gluten free folk who often laud quinoa as the “miracle ‘grain’” for its nutritive value and just the […]


Coconut Cream Pie

January 8, 2013
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This post was years in the making.  YEARS.  You see, once a long time ago, when my husband first figured out that I could make food he liked (this was before we were engaged), I had asked him what he wanted me to make him.  “A coconut cream pie,” he said, “it’s my favorite type […]


Homemade Maple Cream

December 16, 2012

When the depravity of humankind seems too much to bear, when we don’t want to try to bring our minds to accept the in comprehensible tragedies we never even knew possible, it seems a cold bleak world indeed. I cannot offer up much to alter one’s impression of our world or the atrocities that occur […]


Crispy Pineapple Chicken

October 8, 2012
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Our family is no stranger to food restrictions.  My husband’s father has several food allergies, so does his sister, his cousins have food allergies, and members of my family have food restrictions as well, even though they aren’t allergy derived.  We have family members who can’t eat sugar, some who can’t eat dairy, can’t have […]


Ratio Rally – Corn Tortillas

September 5, 2012
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For those of you that don’t know, the Gluten Free Ratio Rally is a group of gluten free bloggers that strive to find or utilize ingredient ratios in creating GF foods. Each month a different person hosts and we tackle a new challenge, each with our own spin on it. This month Brooke of B & The Boy! challenged us to create tortillas or wraps.


Ratio Rally – Gluten Free Bread

June 6, 2012
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If ever there was a gluten free baking challenge, this would be it – BREAD! Most bread depends on gluten to succeed – gluten is that versatile protein that when developed, forms a strong air-trapping network allowing bread to  create that characteristic structure and crumb.  In a gluten free bread, the goal is no different, […]