Gluten Free Hot Cereal – Maple Buckwheat Groats with Pears and Dried Currants

December 7, 2010
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Oatmeal is my comfort food. I particularly enjoy it with salt, cinnamon and maple syrup accompanied by chopped up apples and a little bit of cream poured overtop. It’s a good hearty food that “sticks to the belly”, and about this time of year when the temps start getting chilly and a foot of snow falls to the ground in span of 24 hrs, the tea kettle finds itself whistling its familiar tune a little bit more often, and my breakfast often transforms from the usual yogurt/granola to the comfort of hot cereal. There’s just one problem. My gluten free husband doesn’t get to enjoy oatmeal breakfasts.

This week, however, we found the answer to our gluten free hot-cereal quest – buckwheat.


Vanilla French Toast for a Cool Autumn Day

October 15, 2010
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French toast is one of those “candy-for-breakfast” meals that I treasure on cool mornings. There’s just something so relaxing about sleeping in, shutting all the windows to block out the trains passing by and the traffic down the street, instead to just take it slow. And this past weekend is no exception. Why? Amidst all the bustle of our work-lives, the weekend is our time to relax. There are some times on Saturday when we don’t get out of our apt. until noon, and it’s a beautiful beautiful thing.


Galettes de Sarrasin (Buckwheat Crêpes) – The French Pancake

September 28, 2010
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Living in a French-speaking region (and not too far from France), crêperies are easy to find. Unfortunately, because crêpe batter is usually not 100% buckwheat, my husband and I have never been to one because we were never sure if he’d be able to enjoy them and still be gluten free. Back when we lived in the States, one of our favorite French restaurants would serve crêpes filled with chicken and mushrooms that were out of this world. Then, when we ventured off to Paris a couple months ago, I had the privilege of enjoying a crêpe filled with four kinds of cheese (au quatre fromages) – I think there was comté, brie, emmental, and chevre – and odd combo, but delicious. Little tiny hole-in-the-wall place by the Louvre that made them to order, I think with the café, my total came to something like only € 5!


Strawberry Chocolate & Banana Quick-Bread

July 2, 2010

The success of cooking is as much dependent on how well one follows the directions of a good recipe as it is on being able to add a personal element – either to suit your tastes, your current pantry, or just to give a recipe a little bit of flair to help you make a […]


Gluten Free Granola

June 19, 2010

This granola was made specifically as a method for enjoying the dried strawberries that we got at the market the other day.  They aren’t just dried fruit, the strawberries do have some sugar added and when we bought them were labeled as “confiture”, making them more like fruit snacks, but oh were they delicious and […]


The Gluten Free Husband Makes Breakfast Quesadillas

May 23, 2010

Hello everyone!  Well I am back for a second installment of “Holy crap my husband can cook” on Jenn’s blog! Breakfast. It’s probably one the hardest times for a gluten-free person to find something really tasty to eat.  I know it is for me.  Every time I go to the store to get foods for […]