Resolutions and Reflections

by Jenn on January 3, 2014

in Photography

I’m not normally one for resolutions. I usually find the structure of putting a personal habit onto a calendar makes it work rather than the soulful introspection it was intended to be. But even still, I’m always up for turning over a new leaf, looking back at where I’ve been, and seeing if/what I want to change.

So what did I really learn this year? I learned to take myself less seriously. To blog less, and live more. To take fewer photos, and make more of them count. I learned to commit only to what is really important. I learned to take risks, and that when I am presented with a challenge, if I relax and trust myself, I will rise up to it. I got to see how an amazing publication, Simply Gluten Free, has grown over the past year, and see what kind of food writer I am (yes, shameless link plug, I am a paid contributor to Simply Gluten Free mag and therefore of course think you all should subscribe).  I’ve developed my artistic style more, and even when I couldn’t really see, I was still always thinking about light and shape – while I still have a long journey ahead of me, these will always be at the core of my being.

And with that in mind, I think it’s fun to reflect on my path over 2013 –

We hiked high up in the Alps:

And snowshoed with some photography friends in view of the stunning Matterhorn:

Matterhorn view from Riffelberg


I traveled to my favorite wine region in the world:



I rode the steepest cog railway in the world and discovered the joy of using my iPod for a camera:

Steepest cog railway in the world - Pilatus!

And let my breath escape me as I stood on top of the earth looking out at nature’s beauty all below:

Rochers de Naye

We walked by the lakeside in the summer sunshine:


I discovered the historic canals of Amsterdam:

Scenic Amsterdam along the canals

And of course, there was the wonder and awe that was Andalusia:

Peña de Arias Montana

And most importantly, the simple treasures of being home with those I love:
Willimantic River

FL Sunrise

And, we ate rather well this year too. We made a lot of naturally gluten free food – it is still my favorite way to enjoy life gluten free. But I did quite a bit of baking experiments as well, and some have been quite successful. Some of my favorite edible highlights from the year:

This grapefruit and mint salad – now that it’s winter and I can get grapefruits again, I’m as much looking forward to this salad now as when I first made it:

Grapefruit Salad

I also loved making this avocado “carbonara”, we still do this almost every time we cook GF pasta:

A very green carbonara

I officially mastered the art of the poached egg, and enjoyed many open faced sandwiches like these – which are a perfect use of toasted GF bread:

Open Faced Springtime Sandwiches

I baked my daughter her first birthday cake:

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

And enjoyed the most delicious homemade ginger ale:

Homemade Ginger Ale

I learned that tarts are quite possibly one of the most beautiful foods to photograph:

Pesto Tomato Tart, Gluten free

And that sometimes my favorite food images were not planned at all:


I loved every bite of Jeannie’s naturally gluten free Spanish tortilla:

tortilla diptych1

And experimented with fresh truffle for the first time in my life:

Black Truffle Risotto


What will 2014 hold? One thing for sure, there will be change (the only constant in life is change, no?). Venturing forth bravely into the future unknown, I hope to continue to grow and develop, foster new and existing friendships, discover new secret joys of motherhood and family life, and of course, embrace it all over a table of delicious gluten free food. Will there be resolutions? I’ve not decided yet, but I think if I want to change myself, I’d rather just accept it and do it rather than tie it to a calendar day – what about you? Either way, no matter how you create your resolutions (or don’t), I hope you had a lovely new year and wish you all the best for 2014!