by Jenn on June 27, 2013

in Photography

Morning espresso on the Vierwaldstättersee

Every morning, I like to sit and relish my morning espresso.  I open up my laptop, and flip through my favorite food blogs looking for inspiring recipes, reading stories, and seeing the gorgeous artwork that the world has created over the past few days.  For years, I have relied on Google Reader to deliver my favorite posts from the blogosphere to my computer, and it has been as much a part of my morning ritual as my coffee.  I’m sad to have to say goodbye to Google Reader this week (did you know Google Reader is going the way of the dinosaurs on July 1?), after such a long relationship.

If you currently read Jenn Cuisine through Google Reader, it’s time to look for a new way to get your favorite blog feeds – some services like Feedly boast being able to migrate feeds from Google Reader seamlessly.   Personally, I’m finding my email program the best source for reliably getting feeds I don’t want to miss out on.  As an alternative to having to search for a new RSS reader, you can always subscribe to Jenn Cuisine by email, and then posts will go straight to your inbox.

But as with everything in life, change can be good. Having to change readers has forced me to go through and do a thorough spring cleaning of which feeds I read, and subsequently I’ve also discovered many new blogs in the process.  My morning ritual might change a little too, and that’s not all bad either.  Actually, it already has changed – after over two years of being caffeine free, I have slowly recently started enjoying a “real” coffee here and there. And oh man have I missed that in my morning! Even better, it means I can enjoy coffee when I am out exploring the alpine wonderland that is Switzerland, such as on a rainy boat ride on Lake Luzern on our way to the iconic Pilatus mountain. And even rainy in the fog, the magical beauty of Suisse still shines through.

Vierwaldstättersee and Luzern Ipod Pano

Luzern and the Vierwaldstättersee



View taking the train up Pilatus

Steepest cog railway in the world - Pilatus!

View taking the train up Pilatus

And once up above the clouds, in the heavens, it the magic only continued.

View from Pilatus

View from Pilatus

View from Pilatus



(p.s. that pic just above? that one my husband took – he did a great job!)



Pilatus Ipod Pano

But I can’t just show you Pilatus, up high in the clouds without also showing a little of Luzern, the quaint charming Swiss city on the lake below…



And of course, lunch by the river enjoying brats and cured meats :)


Museggmauer, Luzern

As much as I love the routine nature of my morning ritual (it may very well be the only “routine” I experience during the day), it’s ok to look for something new to add.  I hope we can establish other rituals too – as baby girl grows, I hope we get more opportunities to show her more and more of the beauty and wonder that this amazing world has to offer.

(another p.s. – most of these photos were photographed with my ipod.  my ipod! I got the thing a couple weeks ago, and who would have known how crazy convenient it is to have a camera in your pocket at all times.  Forgive me while I go nuts in the world of filters this past week, I promise to tone it down in the future, just had a lot of fun on this trip with it – it is infinitely easier to take pictures with an ipod than my dslr when carrying a baby around, that is for sure.  technology is so cool!)