DMBLGIT November 2012 – The Winners

by Jenn on December 1, 2012

in Photography

Welcome to this month’s winners of DMBLGIT!  Thank you so much to everyone who participated, it really was a lovely set of submissions.  We received a grand total of fifty-six entries!  And a huge thank you goes out to each of our amazing judges Tim, Ilva, Vanessa, and Alessio, who were all so wonderful willing to donate their time and thoughts critiquing and scoring each of the images.

Not sure what DMBLGIT is? Read my announcement post from earlier this month detailing the event.
You can also read about and meet the judges for this month’s event.
You can also check out the Google+ album to see all the 56 submissions. 

Images are judged on three categories – aesthetics, originality, and edibility and the winning images are decided based on the scores of each of the judges.  So let’s check out the winners!

Overall Winners:

First Place

First place goes to Kristin of Pastry Affair – Butternut Squash Cake and Cream Cheese Icing.

Second Place

Martina of Trattoria da Martina – Petit Beurre

Third Place

Radhika of Just Homemade – Mysore Saaru Podi

Category Winners


Yulyan of Cooking With Love – Strawberry Oatmeal Muffins


Mamajac of Cooks and Bakes – Nuts About Nutella


Amy of Minimially Invasive – Panna Cotta

Host’s Award

The host (me) gets to hand out an award to a photo of their choosing, and so I wanted to highlight this still-life of quince by Elisa of Saporidielisa, I think it’s gorgeous.

So let’s give a big round of congratulations to all of the winners! You’ve all done a great job and will be shortly receiving from me an email with a shiny DMBLGIT winner badge to proudly  display on your site :)

A couple general tips for this month’s submissions –

  • Be cognizant of which props you are using to enhance your photo – make sure the prop is relevant to the food being displayed, and doesn’t distract from the main subject.
  • Watch the lighting – some images are better served by creating a bit of directionality with the lighting by having visible shadows/highlights.  Lack of shadows can sometimes give a flat look.
  • Empty space can be your friend or your enemy.  Sometimes empty space is needed to allow the subject a bit of much needed breathing room in an otherwise crowded image, but it needs to be used with balance of composition in mind or the positioning of the elements in the photo can look awkward.

Be sure to check out Jehanne of The Cooking Doctor for next month’s DMBLGIT event.  Want to host DMBLGIT in the future? It needs hosts! Go check out Andrew’s information page for details on how to sign up as a host.

Thanks again, everyone, it’s been a pleasure!