Monthly Mingle Roundup – Americana

by Jenn on October 2, 2012

in Tastes

**Note to all my gluten free readers – this post contains a roundup of links that are not necessarily gluten free – I will continue posting more GF recipes soon, just taking a post to share and admire a bunch of great Americana posts for my lovely friend Meeta’s Monthly Mingle series :)

Well September has come and gone (rather quickly I might add!), and with that have been several gorgeous Americana recipes to celebrate for Meeta’s lovely Monthly Mingle event! I had a great time hosting this month and seeing what great American creations everyone came up with – shall we take a tour??


Shema of Life Scoops made a delectable chipotle quinoa, egg and spinach in ham cups – creative, simple, and easy, I love the incorporation of the chipotle peppers, one of my favorite flavors!

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
I made gluten free apple cinnamon pancakes :)  I already rambled about these pancakes in my post, no need to do so again here.  Though I do think this is my favorite GF pancake mix that I’ve come up with to date…


Margaret of Kitchen Frau made rich creamy succotash – originally a native American dish, Margaret’s version features fava beans.

Tandy of Lavender and Lime made homemade ketchup – the pinnacle American condiment!

Siri of Cooking with Siri made eggplant parmigiana – originally an Italian dish, but America is the great melting pot – several cuisines from other countries have found their way to being classics on the American dinner table.

Liz of Emma Eats made flank steak roulade – grilling and steak – a totally wonderful spin on two great features of American cuisine!

Meeta of What’s for Lunch Honey made chipotle black bean chili – Meeta, the creator of Monthly Mingle, features a beautiful Tex-Mex inspired chili with chipotle peppers.

Simone of Jungle Frog Cooking made a club sandwich – that is the prettiest club sandwich I have ever seen!

Kelsey of Apple a Day made a mac with farmhouse cheddar and bacon – mac is always a great classic American dish, and with cheddar and bacon, mmmm yum!

Jamie of Life’s a Feast made chicken salad – Jamie dishes up a lovely and unique chicken salad, a definitive American staple.

Robin of What About the Food made pepperjack cornbread muffins – and no compilation would be complete without cornbread! Sweet corn is one of the best treats of late Summer, and no better way to enjoy it than in a tasty cornbread like this.


Sarah of Food Bridge made apple pie – a gorgeous American classic, no Thanksgiving or Christmas is complete without an apple pie :)

Madhuja of The Spice Route made white chocolate orange blondies – the blondie is the perfect way to make a bar cookie and still achieve the soft chewiness of a brownie, just without the dark chocolate – white chocolate and orange sounds like a lovely combo!

Emma of Multiculti Kitchen made hot fudge brownies – two words – Oh. Yum.

Roxana of Roxana’s Home Baking made brownie bottom cheesecake.  Brownies plus cheesecake all in one bite?? Yes please!!

Barbara of Creative Culinary made pineapple upside-down cake – Barbara shares some really great history about pineapple upside-down cake, which apparently has quite the American historical tale!

Jamie of Life’s a Feast made mini chocolate bundt cakes – and Jamie was a superstar who made not one, but two dishes for this month’s event – and after all, chocolate cake is great for any occasion :)

Well, that was quite the American feast! Thanks so much to everyone who participated, all of these treats look and sounds absolutely delectable.  For October, I’m passing the baton off to the  next host, Dara of Cookin’ Canuck, who has chosen the fantastic theme of squash – and she’s so on top of things she’s already got her announcement post up about the event :)