The Ratio Rally Makes Brownies!

by Jenn on April 4, 2012

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GF Ricotta Cheesecake Brownie

These Wednesdays when we do ratio rally reveals easily makes the first week of the month my favorite week ever.  Every single rally offers up a new delicious array of inspiration from all the participants – and I look forward to these events not just for the chance to learn and play with new recipes, but also to enjoy all of the fabulousness that everyone else creates.  And this month I am sure is no exception, as we got an extra tasty challenge – brownies!!

This challenge was hosted by the wonderful Mary Fran of Frannycakes.  Honestly, I did not do much recipe development this time as a little over a year ago I had the serendipitous pleasure of stumbling across an ingredient combination that my husband and I absolutely loved – a very dense, chewy, almost like a fudgey cookie – a dark chocolate brownie based off of nut meal and cocoa.  Since it has become our go-to recipe for all things brownie, all I had to do was convert the ingredients to units of weight and have fun :)

Sometimes it’s nice just having a challenge that I can relax about and enjoy.  Frankly, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately by all that goes into figuring out how to have a baby abroad and manage well, what will become an everlasting change to our lives.  The daily yoga routine, or “goosfrabah time” as my husband calls it, has been a lifesaver on both my mental and physical stress, though I still can’t help but wonder how we will manage when we are thousands of miles away from both our families as we start to figure out how this whole parenting thing is going to work. And it is coming up rather quickly!  My mind has been a little distracted I guess, and not in a place to think about developing recipes.  I was very happy to have the chance to make these brownies again, and decided to dress them up a bit by garnishing them with some no-bake ricotta cheesecake cream.  I think the cheesecake cream was a nice balance to the rich dense brownie – in fact, I need to find more excuses to make it :)

So what was my ratio? It doesn’t seem there is a standard ratio for brownies as it all depends on if you like them fudgey or cakey.  If I round a bit, my measurements end up looking like:

1 eggs : 2.5 sugar: 1.5 chocolate : 1 butter : 1 nut meal

I have no idea how that compares to other brownie recipes, but it seems to work for me :)

GF Ricotta Cheesecake Brownie


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