Early Morning Poached Eggs & Tomatoes

by Jenn on May 24, 2011

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Are you a morning person??

I’m a reluctant morning person.  Usually doing my best not to throw my ipod across the room as the purposely annoying ring drags me out of the sweet nothingness that was sleep, leaving me to stumble out of bed and fumble for the buttons on the coffee maker, totally useless until taking a hot espresso down in one giant gulp – only now willing to make myself aware of the world.

But then there are some days that present themselves a bit more pleasantly – sunlight slowly streams into the room as the birds start up their chorus of hymns to greet the day – on these days I find myself full of energy, rushed with the sudden urge to go outside and say good morning to nature and her beauty, even if she decides to hide the sun for a bit once I actually make it outside – no matter, the mornings are still preciously awe-inspiring as soft light kisses the tops of all things green and flowering:

DSC_8101LR2Maybe it’s the landscapes themselves that beckon me out in the mornings, after all how can I deny myself the chance to admire such beauty, even in the most commonplace of settings near my home?

Countryside in the Morning

Mornings are interesting creatures – it’s so easy to hit the snooze button on the alarm and try to ignore them completely, but after witnessing even a few sunrises I’ve come to understand and appreciate the calm still as the land bathes herself in light.  Even when I am far away from home (such as, say, Weimar Germany where I was this weekend attending Plate to Page), the familiar experience of watching the world greet the rising sun fills me with such joy and inspiration.

At Café Kipperquelle DSC_8137LR2

When I’m with my husband on bright sunny early mornings en Suisse, we like to cook a hot breakfast rather than the usual yogurt fruit & honey.  A couple weekends ago was one such day, everything struggling to soak up the rays before the clouds took over and the predictable Springtime rains came.  We enjoyed the short cheerful moments of weather while they lasted as we cooked and ate our meal of simple ingredients – a couple poached eggs, some fresh asparagus and a few ripe sweet tomatoes later, and we were as invigorated by breakfast as we were by the scenery outside.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple plate of farm fresh food to awaken the mind.

And sometimes, it pays off to wake up early and admire those moments that the rest of the world misses during its lazy slumber.

Tomatoes OCF test 2

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