A Duck BLT, Gluten Free

by Jenn on February 27, 2011

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Duck BLT, Gluten Free

After a year of living en Suisse, I think we’ve finally adapted to the difference in prices of materials compared to the U.S.  Some items are a markedly better deal, such as the amazingly creamy and rich yogurt, which I would not think it odd if you had the sudden desire to pour it into a glass and take a drink.   I love that bio (organic) goods are often within the same price range as their conventional counterparts, or at least don’t cost twice as much.  And some things, like many meats, are definitely a bit pricier.  Last weekend though, I made an amazing discovery – duck and beef aren’t really that different in cost here, an absolutely great thing to know!  My husband really wanted me to get some steak to cook for him, and upon my awesome realization, I knew I had to get some duck for me – because if I ever have to choose, all other things being equal, well, duck is one of my favorite meats ever and it isn’t really a diffcult choice.

So last Sunday, I made myself a quick grilled sandwich, a BLT with an extra of sliced duck.  An afternoon lunch of luxury, for no reason whatsoever.  Sometimes, it’s good to treat yourself for nothing in particular.  We all spend so much time making sure we can live up to the pressures put upon us in our day to day lives, and it’s easy to forget to reward yourself once in a while.  For me, a fancy sandwich did just the trick – and I had the most awesome leftovers for making lunch to bring to work from it too :)

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