Homemade GF Fettuccine with Chanterelle Cream Sauce

by Jenn on October 21, 2010

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Homemade GF Pasta Dinner

Where would Autumn be without chanterelles?  I cannot believe that it was only a couple short years ago in grad school that I first came across this awesome mushroom, and have fallen in love with it ever since.   But then I tend to fall in love with lots of produce – in the Summer it’s strawberries and apricots and peaches, in the Spring asparagus and peas…oh and we can’t forget pumpkin in the Autumn and Winter months as well.  That’s not such a bad thing, is it?  To go nuts finding as many tasty ways to use one incredible gift of nature?  I don’t think so 😉

Chanterelles have been in season for a while now.  I remember squealing with excitement when I first saw them at the market back in late August.  I love using them for normal mundane cooking – toss them into an omelette, into risotto, or on pasta… elegant ingredients tend to have a way of transforming minimalist dishes into rich luxurious meals – totally my style.  Speaking of which, I really heart pasta.  If I could, I probably would eat some type of it every day.  My absolute favorite is homemade egg pasta, which I taught myself how to make thanks to the wonderful Marcella Hazan and her fabulous cookbooks on Italian cooking.  Converting the typical pasta recipe to gluten free is actually not so hard, though over time I did change things from the basic one in her book in order to make it a bit easier to incorporate the extra eggs needed.  And what better way to enjoy one of my favorite mushrooms than to share them as one of my favorite dishes?

So today I am sharing with you a simple homemade pasta dish, gluten free, with a simple wine and cream sauce.  Don’t feel like making pasta yourself? That’s ok, you can cheat, I won’t tell.  But trust me, if you do make your own, you won’t regret it!

Oh and one little news bit…the results of my last poll are in!  Nearly 100 of you voted, and it looks like 80% of you lovely readers are gluten free and 20% are glutenicious.  I’m glad to know that I have a mix, and that you all can find tasty ideas here – one of my long-term goals is to show that it’s really not so difficult to convert a dish one way or the other (most of the time), and as I learn how, I’ll definitely make sure to share with you!  I have a new poll up now, just check out the sidebar – it’s one of those “check all that apply” types – I’m just curious, what do you like best about Jenn Cuisine?

Ok enough of my prattle about polls, let’s cook some food!  Specifically with one of my favorite types of mushrooms.  If you see fresh chanterelles, don’t pass up the opportunity to try them, and don’t worry if you don’t have some fancy shmancy dish to make them with.  I like to use them in place of regular button mushrooms, and just enjoy their awesome flavor.  Comfort food with chanterelles.  It’s not an oxymoron, really :)


Homemade GF Egg Pasta

2 cups AP GF flour mix of your choice (use one or make up your own with a lot of starch, at least half or so…)
pinch salt
4 eggs, lightly beaten together

1. Combine flour and salt on a flat surface and create a mound.  Then with your hands make a well in the center.
2. Pour the eggs into the well, gradually stirring with your fingers, slowly incorporating more and more flour as you go.  Depending on your flour mix you may or may not incorporate all of your flour.  I didn’t with mine, I just got in as much as I could.  You will end up with a ball of dough, that I only folded over until everything was homogenized well.  No need to really knead since there’s no gluten to develop…
3. Your dough, being gluten free, will dry out quickly.  Cut it into manageable portions (I like to divide by 4) and wrap up the other portions in plastic wrap.  Ideally it’s better if you can wrap up the dough and let it rest first, but if not then it’s not the end of the world.  I didn’t with the pasta above and it came out fine.
4. Roll out your dough onto a well floured surface with a well floured rolling pin.  Actually my preferred surface is on top of floured parchment paper so things don’t stick.  Roll it out to at least 1/8″ thickness or thinner, and then cut into strips.    The dough is fragile, so I found the effort of hanging it rather pointless, but found that laying it on a separate sheet of parchment paper worked fine.
5. When you are ready to cook, boil some salted water, and then add in the pasta.  Because it’s fresh it will only need to cook for a few minutes depending on the thickness that you ended up with.  That’s it!

Chanterelle Cream Sauce

3 tbs. butter
1/2 lb. fresh chanterelle mushrooms, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tbs. AP GF flour
1/4 c. white wine
1/3 c. heavy cream

1. Heat up a large skillet on high heat and melt the butter.  Sauté the chanterelles and garlic on high heat until they are browned.
2. Stir in the flour and cook for a few minutes on medium-high so that the flour doesn’t taste raw (2-3 minutes should be sufficient, you don’t have to actually taste the flour).
3. Delgaze with the wine, stirring while letting cook for a couple more minutes.
4. Remove from heat, and stir in the cream.