Thai Chicken Curry Wraps

by Jenn on September 8, 2010

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Thai Chicken Curry Wraps

Change can be a great thing.  Change can be scary, but it can also be exciting.  The seasons are changing, and September so far is doing a great job of letting me know Summer is on its way out.   Change has also been happening in our every day lives as well.  It only took us an entire month, but I am happy to say that everything is officially set with our new move.  We even have furniture now (woohoo!) and don’t have to use suitcases as dresser drawers.  This particular meal was one of the last dishes I ever made in our old kitchen, maybe even the last meal.  Last meals are symbolic.  This one represented all the craziness of moving that was now, officially, resolved.  It was such a wonderful feeling, because as anyone who has transported their life’s belongs across a town in the heat of summer knows, the best part of moving is being done with it :)

Today, you may have noticed some other changes.  We’re currently in the process of doing some redesign changes on my blog, and for sure it is exciting and not the least bit scary, because I know my site is in good hands :)  However, I have a question for you all.  You see, with change comes the subsequent introspection, and I would like to do some thinking about you all, my wonderful and lovely readers.  So please, answer me just one little question in poll at the top of the sidebar – are you glutenicious or gluten free?

The reason I am asking is because I want to better know about you.  Are all of you gluten free? Are only some of you gluten free?  Or are most of you glutenicous and just kind enough to put up with my ever failing GF puff pastry attempts?  Maybe you come to live vicariously through my hiking experiences bounding about the Alps (ok, not really bounding, more like huffing and puffing my way up some very steep mountains).  I just want to see better who comprises my audience, and what your needs are.  I’m sure it must be confusing that I, the one blogging about all of these gluten free cooking experiences, actually has no dietary issues to speak of, and that it really is my husband who drives out the wheat, oats, barley and rye from our kitchen.  Yep, we are a mixed glutenicious/gluten free household, and I take great care that I don’t accidentally glutenize my husband.  I blog about the food we make to show how easy it is to have variety, flavor, and most importantly, freedom when cooking without gluten.  I write the weekly GF Substitutions series because I want to conquer and demystify gluten-free cooking.  I will get those peanut butter cookies just perfect, and I will get puff pastry to puff.  I want to figure out the hows and whys of gluten free cooking and baking, and through my experiences and your great feedback, help you out along the way too.  Really, I guess I’m just curious.  So please let me know if you are glutenicious or gluten free!

Either way, these Thai chicken curry wraps are easy and delicious.  Maybe you have a special occasion (like moving!) to make them, but even if you don’t, they sure hit the spot on a still warm Summer day.  My recipe is a bit pared down from the original because I forgot to make a list when we went to the store, but they were still really satisfying.  Enjoy them while it’s still warm out!


Thai Chicken Curry Wraps

Adapted from Very Culinary, originally from Cuisine Tonight, Sandwiches and Salads

2 tbs. vegetable oil
2 chicken breasts, cubed
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 red onion, chopped
1/4 c. plain greek yogurt
2 tbs. your favorite curry paste
juice of one lime
salt & pepper to taste.
4 tortillas (we used gluten free corn tortillas)

1. Heat a skillet on medium high heat and add oil.  When oil is hot, fry chicken until cooked all the way through.  Remove from heat, put in a large bowl.
2.  Add bell pepper and onion to the chicken.
3. In a small bowl, mix together yogurt, curry paste, lime juice, salt and pepper.  Tweak ratios to taste, depending on how much kick you like, etc.  Then add the curry dressing to the bowl with the chicken and veggies, and mix until everything is thoroughly coated.
4. Fill tortillas and enjoy.