Gazpacho Blanco

by Jenn on August 20, 2010

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White Gazpacho

Gazpacho has always been one of my summer loves.  Just take ripe summer produce, throw in the processor, purée and enjoy.  I committed the ultimate gazpacho sin when I first made it on my own, using *gasp!* canned tomatoes, but I was a poor grad student and it wasn’t summertime – I will say now never do that, ever.  Wait for beautiful fresh tomatoes, it’s worth it.  Gazpacho is often my choice when I go out to eat as well – there is just something so refreshing about the blend of cucumbers and tomatoes together, that even when it’s so hot out that you feel like you’re going to start melting like that ice cream cone the kid walking down the street is enjoying, you can take a few loud slurps with the spoon and instantly cool off a few degrees (and when it’s that icky out no one minds a few loud slurps anyways).

When I heard about the existence of white gazpacho from Green Kitchen Stories (GKS), I was immediately intrigued – I mean, where would gazpacho be without all of those fresh summer tomatoes??  I wasn’t really that skeptical though, because it looked mouthwatering – go check out their pictures, and you’ll understand.  I immediately knew that I wanted to make this, and so I did what anyone does nowadays – I googled blogs for “white gazpacho”, and picked one on the first page that looked yummy.  I still am pretty lacking in the cookbook department, and so the vast interwebs are basically my very large cookbook.  It’s really not such a bad way to be.  I love my cookbooks, but they are all in the U.S., an ocean away, and I just cannot bring myself to either A) pay to ship a bunch of books over the ocean or B) buy them all over again.  Besides, the interwebs can be a great resource if you are able to recognize a good recipe out there.  And the one I came across looked amazing.

Given that the bread gets puréed, I knew that we could use any gluten free bread to make this work.  I didn’t really have a means of juicing a cucumber, so we just added in some extra, and then after adding everything together, tasted and tweaked until we got something we both loved.  I also took a cue from GKS and added in some white bell pepper, after serendipitously coming across them in the grocery store.  I’d never seen a white bell pepper before, let alone expected to actually see one the day I was planning on making this soup.  Sure we’ll add it in, why not?  First I cut off a little piece to taste, just to make sure it was really sweet like a bell pepper and that I wasn’t accidentally going to burn our mouths off with some crazy spicy soup.  I have a feeling my husband wouldn’t be so appreciative of an unexpected fire-in-the-throat experience if they were really hot or something…  No worries, they were sweet and delicious like bell peppers :)

This soup was almost no-cook, but definitely worth a couple short minutes of heating up a skillet.  By the time we had finished with the main soup (which included sending my husband back out to the grocery store to buy a strainer), the leeks were well cooled and temperature was not an issue.  Not that it really matters if you are going to just chill the whole thing anyways, but if you are going to eat it right then and there you definitely don’t want your leeks to be warm still.

So if you are looking for something a little different this summer, go ahead and give gazpacho blanco a shot, you may find a new summer love!

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