My Love Affair with Fruit Continues – Summer Fruit Salad

by Jenn on July 28, 2010

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Summer Fruit Salad

For the two of us, this summer has been all about fresh fruit.  Of course we all know my love affair with strawberries, but now that the season has passed, I’ve branched out to enjoy the other tasty sweets nature has to give us along with the bright summer sun.  Whether it be sharing a fresh carton of blackberries while walking home from work, picking raspberries on a path out on an evening walk, or waking up in the morning with yogurt, granola, and slices of apricots that aim to be as sweet as the ripest of peaches, we certainly have been enjoying our fruits!  And then there are figs.  I like to wait til they are super soft, so delicate a firm grip would end them in a fit of a sticky disaster oozing everywhere.

Not every fruit needs to be sweet to be enjoyed.  Currants are a tart little explosive burst of flavor when they enter your mouth.  At first I was a bit skeptical of my potential love for this fruit because of that, but they have really become a staple in our kitchen the past few weeks.  I enjoy their tartness, especially paired with something sweet.  They are perfect for balancing sweetness, and are exactly why they are such an integral part of this salad.

They complement the figs and apricots, and the tanginess of the goat cheese contributes a different element altogether.  This whole salad is about balance, and maybe I like this salad so much not just because of the great taste, but because it reminds me how much I need to prioritize balance in my life, and my husband’s included.  We both spend a lot of time worrying about what needs to get done, and what’s going to happen if certain events don’t occur in the right order…and sometimes we just need to forget the world for a bit and relax, setting aside some worry-free quality time with each other, that doesn’t involve deadlines or papers or running errands.  I know, it’s a lot to interpret out of a mere salad, but sometimes reminders of the important things in life can come in the simplest of messages. In this case for me they come from fruit, one of the simplest of pleasures.

Summer Fruit Salad


This hardly needs a recipe, as I’m sure you could recreate it just by looking at the picture, but I am a person of traditions, and I just wouldn’t feel complete without sharing a written up set of directions :

Ingredients (for 1 serving):
Mixed greens of your choice
1  fig, sliced into 8 pieces
1 apricot, pitted and sliced into 8 pieces
Handful red currants
2 oz. goat cheese, crumbled
Your favorite oil & vinegar dressing

1. Arrange greens on your plate, and then arrange the fruit.
2. Garnish with goat cheese and lightly dress with vinaigrette.  Enjoy!


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