S is for Summer. And Strawberries.

by Jenn on June 17, 2010

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Last week I discovered something awesome – there is a farmer’s market I can access during my lunch hour at work!  I  cannot describe to you with words the satisfaction of my lunch (and by lunch I mean snack that lasted all afternoon) that day….fresh baked bread on which I spread chèvre d’olive, and an entire quart of gorgeously fresh Swiss strawberries.  I was ecstatic to find such awesome fruit, and allowed myself to enjoy every minute of it.

No, the pic up top is not from last week, but from a farmer’s market trip back in grad school – my mom was staying with me during my crazy tendinitis incident, and this particular Saturday that June I was able to hobble around enough to enjoy the local farmer’s market.  These strawberries were from that trip, almost 2 years ago.  They lasted maybe 10 minutes after this photo was taken, we devoured them like candy – because that’s exactly what they were, candy – sweet, natural, red juice dripping down your face leaving you to ponder exactly how anyone could want to eat anything else in the world, all your cares melting dissolving away as you take bite after succulent bite.

While I didn’t photograph the gorgeous strawberries I had last week, their incredible sweetness reminded me of that trip the farmer’s market with my mom, and reminded me that I wanted to share with you all my love if this little red fruit.  If you like strawberries (and really, who doesn’t?), now is the time to indulge and create every strawberry dish you can!  I am all about using fruits in season because at the peak of their season fruits are at their most flavorful.  This is the height of strawberry time – June is the month for strawberries, at least for me en Suisse and for many areas Stateside where I’ve lived.

Right now, it’s worth taking advantage of this time to enjoy them as best you can! I find that their flavor is actually quite versatile – there are so many more things you can do besides just make strawberry shortcake (though that is tasty too…), and also in some savory recipes too!  I use them all the time, even if it’s just something simple such as garnishing my breakfast or elegant dessert – they can be incorporated into so many dishes.  I decided that now, mid-June, was the perfect time to collect my strawberry ideas together and share them with you in one easy to find location.

So this weekend, I charge you all with going out and enjoying some fresh local strawberries – be creative, play!  You may just find that some of the best candy can’t be packaged in a bar, but rather is a delightful gift from Mother Nature herself :)

15 Ways to Enjoy Strawberries

For Breakfast

Strawberry Scones
On top of your yogurt/granola
On your French Toast
On your Banana Pancakes


For Lunch

Salad Dressing of Strawberry Balsamic Reduction
Strawberry & Bacon Balsamic Salad


For Dessert

Topping for Pavlovas
Accompaniment to Flourless Chocolate Torte
Summer Berry Champagne Soup
To plate with White Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Strawberry Port Wine Sauce
Strawberry Mint Macarons
Dipped in Chocolate
In a Chocolate Ricotta Fruit Cup
On top of Crème Brûlée


How do you like to eat strawberries?  What’s your favorite strawberry recipe?