One Step, No-Cook Marinara

by Jenn on June 11, 2010

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Gluten Free Bagel Pizzas

I remember when I first knew we were going to move to Switzerland, and my husband asked me “Isn’t it going to be cold all the time?” haha.  If you have been in Romandie at all the past couple weeks you will know that it does indeed get very warm here!  I don’t think anything has hit 90 ºF yet (and no, I am not yet able to think in ºC outside of 0=freezing,  37=body temp), but it sure has felt like it in the sunshine and with all the mugginess.  I partly blame that on lack of A/C, which is usually fine except for those rare days like the ones we had last weekend when there is no wind.  And it only took a couple of hours outside to get sunburned, leaving an oh-so-fashionable imprint of my necklace on my chest.  Good things scarves are all the thing here no matter what the season, so no one else had to see me looking like a total dork for the next few days!  But the lake was gorgeous and worth the walk (and the sunburn) –

Lookout over Lac Léman

Despite the heat, last weekend I made these gluten free bagels.  They satisfied my fresh bagel craving in every way I could have imagined.  But sometimes, a bagel is not meant to only be decorated with cream cheese.  My husband had mentioned that he really wanted pizza, and as I had just spent the past couple hours making bagel dough, I did not relish the thought of then baking another bread item.  So, why not bagel pizzas!  Easy enough, right?

But we didn’t have any marinara sauce, and I didn’t feel like cooking tomatoes on the stove for another couple of hours in this heat – for a couple hours is the minimum time required to create a true flavorful marinara sauce.  Fortunately, one Skype convo to my parents later my dad had directed me to this checca recipe by Giada.  It sounded like something I could totally whip into a marinara, by specifically doing the opposite of the directions and puréeing it.  Well, puréeing may not make it checca anymore (ok, many of the things I did differently don’t make it checca anymore), but it does make it an awesome no-cook marinara sauce.  Keeping it dairy free makes it more versatile.  Already being a sweltering sauna in our top floor apt, tossing some food into the food processor was the perfect solution.  Then all that was required was to top it onto the bagels, add some grated mozzarella and fresh basil, and broil quickly in the toaster oven for oh-so-fast pizza bagel goodness.

Looking out at Lake Geneva Rocks in Lac Léman

The no-cook marinara was awesome.  The bright flavor was closer to what you’d typically expect from a bruschetta rather than a true marinara.  For a warm summer evening, this was just perfect.  So far it’s worked well as a flat bread topping, as sauce for pizza bagels, and as a quick dressing for pasta.  I heart convenience that is still fresh and vibrant, without compromising quality or flavor.  This is simple, stress-free, and best of all, the stove never gets turned on.  Perfect for summer, and perfect for my dairy-free submission to this month’s Go Ahead Honey It’s Gluten Free, hosted by Zoe of Z’s Cups of Tea!

Gluten Free Bagel Pizzas

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