The Gluten Free Husband Makes Breakfast Quesadillas

by Jenn on May 23, 2010

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Hello everyone!  Well I am back for a second installment of “Holy crap my husband can cook” on Jenn’s blog!

Breakfast. It’s probably one the hardest times for a gluten-free person to find something really tasty to eat.  I know it is for me.  Every time I go to the store to get foods for breakfast I am faced with cereals, meuslis, oats, pastries, and several other extremely flavorful (but ultimately glutenicious) items that I know I can’t even think about eating.  For this reason, I have been trying to come up with breakfast items that I could make that would inspire me to once again look forward to eating in the morning (a cup of yogurt gets old REAL quick).

The idea for these quesadillas came very quickly to both Jenn and I in one of those moments where you just look at each other and say, “Wow, we really have to make that.”  We were talking about how much we liked the enchiladas that we had made, and I had recently come up with the bright idea of frying tortillas in a pan, salting them and devouring away (not the most sophisticated meal in the world but you would be surprised how satisfying it really is, especially accompanied with fried halloumi cheese).  Then, I don’t know who started talking first, but we began asking things like, “What if we put cheese, cured meats, an egg and a few other breakfasty items between two tortillas and then fried them in butter?”  If your mouth just started watering, then you just had the same reaction I had as well.

Jenn and I do this all the time.  One of us will think about something and the other will just say we have to try that – but we never really said anything out loud.  For example, last week we were on the métro coming home from work.  The train was pulling into the stop where one of our favorite quick and tasty Asian cuisine restaurants is located, and one glance at each other later we were exiting the métro and on the way to tasty food.  No words needed.  We did this all the time in grad school too.  It doesn’t always have to be overly romantic, but it’s an amazing feeling when you have such a strong connection with someone that you don’t really need to say everything that’s on your mind – the other person just gets it and knows exactly what you’re thinking.  And then, when you combine that with cooking, the meals that are created can be some of the most beautiful things you could ever imagine.  While not exceptionally fancy per se, this is how breakfast quesadillas were born, and that alone makes them all the more fun to cook.

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