Simple Snack – Beet Chips

by Jenn on May 26, 2010

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You either love ’em or hate ’em.  Remember last Winter how it was the coolest (or uncoolest) thing ever to wear big furry suede boots of a certain unnamed brand and tuck your jeans in them? Chances are people either thought you were either rocking them like a cute little ski bunny or that you looked freaking ridiculous.  But no matter if you actually wore them or not, you’ve no doubt seen someone with them and have a pretty solid idea if they were awesome or terrible.

That’s exactly how beets are – they are possibly one of the most polarizing foods I know, and everyone has an opinion about them, good or bad.  We both happen to be part of the “beets are freaking awesome” camp, but are always looking for new ways to eat them besides in salads, our usual choice.    I just love their earthy, almost “umami” type of taste – they add an extra dimension to the flavor profile of just about any dish.  So when I came across this recipe for baked beet chips by Joelen of Joelen’s Culinary Adventures, I knew it had to be next on our list of yummy delights to try.

However, I will give you one word for the wise if you want to make them.  If you don’t already own a mandoline or are very well practised in your knife skills, now would be the time to remedy that.  With no mandoline and knife skills that would surely fail any test in culinary school, it was quite difficult to slice all of the beets evenly and thinly, and so I had to really babysit them while baking, to keep rotating and turning them so that they all crisped.  Eh, it was only a little extra work, the results were still awesome!  This is a perfect replacement for potato chips, and we had them with some gluten free adapted lentil burgers topped with tomato, egg, and sprouts.  I still need to tweak the lentil burger recipe a bit, maybe mix in some pesto or something with it.  But the beet chips? Absolutely perfect!!

Now that Summer is on its way, it’s daylight til nearly 9 pm and temperatures have been reaching the upper 70s this weekend, I will be making these more.  For such a meaty heavy vegetable, the chips are light and would accompany a variety of summery dishes.  If I weren’t so tired from being out of shape during our hike last weekend, I totally would have been up for making them again.  Because seriously, can life get any more gorgeous than this?  How can anyone not want a great light snack like beet chips after climbing and seeing these beautiful sights in the Jura?


PAG_1236_7_5_4_tonemapped2 PAG_1226_4_7_5_tonemapped2

Next time I think I will make a lightly dressed salmon salad on top of some fresh greens from the market to serve the beet chips with…oh I have lots of ideas!  If you’re looking for a new fun snack with beets or trying to convert someone from the “other” side to that of beet loving pleasure, then this is the way to do it!

What are you craving during this warm beautiful weather?  What are your favorite summery snacks?

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