Creamy Taco Mac

by Jenn on May 6, 2010

in Gluten Free,Meats,Pastas and Grains


Sometimes I have to remind myself, that while we generally like the same tastes, it’s just so rewarding to see my husband’s face light up when he gets excited about some things, like this dish.  I asked him as we were walking home from work one day if he thought this sounded good, and he instantly transformed from a serious scientist to a 6 year old boy again.  You would have thought I had just suggested having Christmas, it was so precious.

I made a yummy cheesy dish, a creamy “taco mac” – I saw Annie post this a few days ago and while I knew I would certainly like the flavors, I knew that my husband would just fall in love with the dish.  He goes out of his way to do so many great and wonderful things for me, I want to show my appreciation even if it’s something as small as dinner.

For you see, food is like poetry.  It can be a simple short and sweet sonnet, like this quick and easy dinner, or it can be an adoring ode to love, saying what ordinary words never could.  I am not so good with my words, so I choose to write poems with food instead.  All sorts of different types, blending new flavors together to bring out emotions and memories, but with each one pouring out a little bit of my soul, and my love.  I’m so glad my husband knows how to translate :)

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