Pistachio Cream

by Jenn on March 7, 2010

in Desserts,Gluten Free


I am devoting an entire post to this cream because it is worthy of a post all of its own – I originally made this when I made these tartes au citron last week, and it was the perfect paring with the lemon curd.  Ha yes, last time I tricked you and only showed you the dish 75% done!  Sometimes I can be sneaky like that.  But I had my reasons, and the reason was to give the proper homage to this delicious cream.  I was worried about the tartes possibly being a little too tart, and so I wanted to make a sweet little something to complement them.  I love lemons and pistachios together, it’s such a bright blend of flavors.  Well, actually I love pistachios in just about any way, but that’s beside the point.  In the end the tartes were just fine, but I decided to add this on anyways, haha.  I really just sort of threw this together, and now that I had an entire container of it in my fridge I keep coming up with ideas for how to use it – well provided my husband doesn’t eat it all first!

There is one change I really think needs to happen from my original go at the pistachio cream, and I am going to put it directly in the instructions – that is to blanch the pistachios first, to help soften them up.  The cream was rich and flavorful and sweet, but really too gritty in the way that I did this.  Blanching the pistachios will allow you to get closer to a true purée, making for a much smoother texture.  So don’t skip that step.  It’s not the end of the world if you do, because this was really quite something to behold, but it will help immensely.  Mouthfeel is just as important as taste, and should be treated with equal consideration.

I did my best to form pretty little quenelles of cream on top of these tartes, but think I need some more practice – they didn’t quite come out as pretty as they should…

A little goes a long way with this cream, so you only need a small amount!

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