Butternut and Sweet Potato Hash with Turkey Sausage

by Jenn on December 10, 2009

in Breakfast,Budget,Dairy Free,Gluten Free,Meats

I love having a hot breakfast.  It’s not too often that I have the time in the mornings to spend cooking a great hot breakfast, but when I do it’s often the highlight of my day.  There is just something about fried eggs and a steaming hot plate of delicious food sitting in front of me that is so satisfying.  Especially when I can couple that with the chance to sleep in a little bit and enjoy it as my brunch.

I know you probably looked at the title and thought “Uggh I’m so sick of turkey right now,” right?  But this isn’t something to make with roast turkey leftovers, and while it has some great Autumn ingredients like butternut squash and sweet potatoes, this doesn’t taste like it would belong on your Thanksgiving table either.  No, this dish has an entirely different flair to it and uses some awesome flavors that give it a bit more of a Southwest type of appeal to it, using poblanos, black beans, dried cilantro, and of course, some ground dried hot chiles.  Mmmm I love chiles!

I hardly ever by pre-packaged sausage anymore, and find that I love the versatility and freedom of adding my own flavors to ground meats instead, which is exactly what I did here with ground turkey.  This dish is easy to make, if a little bit time consuming (because of having to roast the root veggies), but it’s quite cost effective, which is important when one is trying to budget for all of the various expenses that come along with enjoying the holidays.  We definitely have a lot going on as this year draws to a close, and so sometimes it’s nice to have something easy and cheap to cook.  I made this and got tons of wonderful leftovers, which are easily re-heatable as long as you can spend a quick couple of minutes frying an egg for each person right before serving.