A Gluten Free Pot Pie

by Jenn on November 20, 2009

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Pot pie is one of those foods that just about everyone loves – it’s super flexible so you can tailor it to suit whatever tastes you are looking for – you can make it vegetarian or not, though when I think of pot pie I typically think of chicken pot pie, which is what I made here.  This would also be a great dish to create something tasty for all those turkey leftovers that everyone is going to have next week!  My family always typically makes way too much turkey on Thanksgiving.  I seriously remember my family when I was young buying a 20lb. turkey to feed 5 people, and then having turkey leftover FOREVER.  There are a couple of traditional recipes that my family uses for turkey leftovers, but even they become a bit routine after say, 3 weeks and I love finding new ways to use up leftovers.  Haha, why in the world would my family do such a thing?  Well, for one it’s a lot cheaper that way.  After Thanksgiving when you carve the turkey you can just freeze the leftover meat and then use it as you need to.

I made this pot pie this week, before Thanksgiving, and with chicken.  My husband and I are staying with my in-laws to celebrate Thanksgiving, and half the family is gluten free.  At the thought of pot pie, it was decided that we had to make one.  After my recent success with pie crust, I felt up to the task.  Woohoo! Another great recipe to use gluten free pie crust with!  Thanks to Annie of Annie’s Eats, I came across a great pot pie recipe to use as a basis for making this.  Because of all of the rich buttery crust that I used from lining the entire baking dish, there is a LOT of butter.  If you add it up, I used a full pound of butter (*gasp!*).  But, this pot pie made 12 servings.  You don’t need a large serving size to fill you up, trust me!  You could make this a bit lighter by not lining the baking dish with crust, and just using a top crust (in which case you’d probably also want larger serving sizes).   But if you are gluten free, you probably want as much crust as possible, lol at least that’s what my father-in-law said!

The trickiest part of this pot pie was adapting a recipe for individual sized servings to one large pot pie.  I turned down the oven temp a bit, and got a little creative for handling the crust to make sure that it was cooked, nice and golden brown, but not burnt after baking for a good hour in the oven.  I highly suggest keeping the oven light on while this is baking so that you can check on it.  I also made a few other adjustments, like adding sherry to the filling, leaving out the mushrooms and bell peppers, and adding in green beans instead.  I also added in a few herbs.  I also did not add in any salt.  I figured there was enough salt from the chicken broth, and some family members had to be on a minimum salt diet.  If you think it needs more, definitely add in some.  Really, as you can see, you can do pretty much whatever you want, whatever you happen to feel like.  I definitely have a feeling that we will be making this again once we have turkey leftovers!

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