Toasted Squash Seeds

by Jenn on October 12, 2009

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One of my favorite parts about roasting delicious squash for a hearty Autumn soup is that you can you create a fantastic snack by toasting the seeds.  Do you remember toasting pumpkin seeds as a kid after carving pumpkins for Halloween?  Well it turns out pumpkins aren’t the only seeds that make tasty snacks.  Pretty much any squash can be used for toasting tasty seeds – these particular seeds happen to be from the buttercup squash, but I have also used acorn squash seeds – in fact, toasted acorn squash seeds are my absolute favorite!  So next time you are making a festive meal with some fresh squash, don’t forget about this delicious snack to make also!


Your favorite squash seeds (pumpkin, buttercup, acorn, etc.)
olive oil
your favorite seasonings (salt/pepper, italian, etc.)

1. Scoop out seeds from squash, and separate them from all of the pulp.
2. Lay seeds out on a pan and let dry thoroughly, either by baking in an oven at 200F and turning over every 30 min., or letting dry out overnight.
3. Once dry, place oven rack on highest possible position and then preheat oven to 400F. Lightly toss in some olive oil to your seeds, and lay out on a pan.  Sprinkle your favorite seasonings on top, and toast, checking every 5 minutes until seeds turn golden brown (about 10-15 min. or so).
4. Let cool, and then enjoy!  Great alone as a snack, or tossed into your favorite trail mix.



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