Impromptu Dessert – Perfect for "Camping"!

by Jenn on October 6, 2009

in Desserts,Gluten Free


Ok, so we’re not really camping.  We do have a propane stove/oven to work with.  And you must forgive the awful light, that’s what you get with an LED lantern on a hideous green floral plastic tablecloth, haha.  But this post is not about my inability to take awesome photos in poor light, but rather how to make an awesome quick dessert that is easy and simple, you can even do it on vacation, when you are living for 2 weeks without electricity!

I have made this before, but that was at a time when I did not know to take pictures for a blog post (I know, who doesn’t show pictures of what they make?! I have since learned).  This was also super easy to adapt to be diabetic friendly, one could just substitute erythritol for the brown sugar.  Ok, so my mom said it still needed brown sugar, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

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