Three Cheese Soufflé

by Jenn on September 3, 2009

in Diabetic Friendly,Gluten Free,Vegetarian


So as you can tell, I missed the 30 second window of opportunity to photograph this soufflé.  Soufflés are ephemeral creatures, cooked and served and enjoyed all in the same moment.  Does not leave much time for photographing! I seriously got only five frames of shots and it was done.  I saw this three-cheese soufflé recipe posted on Steamy Kitchen’s blog the other day, and just had to make it.  She claimed it was the easiest soufflé ever, and she was totally right! The recipe was created by Jim Tuttle of Mount Dora Historic Inn.

This soufflé was simple – add cheese, add egg mixture, bake, and serve.  That’s it!  I ended up having to double the recipe after I realized my dish was too big for a single recipe, and even still I had about 1/2″ of space left in the dish, but decided to go with it.  I also added in a bit more cheese than was called for..probably closer to 4-5 oz. instead of the 3 oz. listed in the recipe.  This was the PERFECT way to make a sophisticated and elegant dinner that satisfied both my diabetic mother and my gluten free husband.  Cheese soufflé has zero grain based ingredients in it, and cheese and eggs make for a lot of protein.  I think next time, however, I will add some fresh herbs into it – thinking some rosemary and thyme.

I served this with a strawberry and bacon salad topped with a few slices of Muenster cheese and a homemade balsamic dressing, which went really well.  A nice light accompaniment to the dish.

So if you want to make a dish that will impress everyone, I strongly encourage trying this soufflé!  It looks and tastes very impressive, but is really so simple to make :)

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