Strawberry and Bacon Balsamic Salad

by Jenn on September 4, 2009

in Diabetic Friendly,Gluten Free,Meats,Photography,Salads

This was the salad that I served with the soufflé.  Light and simple (I know, who calls anything made with bacon light? ha.  But it does feel like a light side dish). I added just a few slices of cheese to dress the salad up a bit, but it really didn’t need it since the soufflé had so much cheese in it already.  To make the strawberries seem sweeter without adding any sugar, I macerated them in some lemon juice.  The acidity from the lemon juice helps pull the sugars out from the strawberries to make them taste sweeter than if you just bit into one.  Lime juice works really well too for this, and also adds some flavor to the fruit!  I really love the strawberry & bacon flavor combination.  The sweetness of the strawberries and their soft texture are contrasted perfectly with the salty and crunchy taste of the bacon.  And a quick fresh homemade balsamic adds just the right amount of zing to pull it all together.

Photography Note – Now that we have moved, I really need to find a place to set up my photos again.  Also, we are eating dinner later, and it’s getting dark earlier, so natural light seems to be in short supply these days….Need to build a light box!  So I apologize for the direct incandescent light, it’s what I’ve got to work with for the moment…