Mango and Hickory Smoked Ribs

by Jenn on September 22, 2009

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While it is still warm out during these last few days of summer (hello Autumn! You officially started today!), we had a family BBQ with some slow cooked hickory smoked ribs, and a delicious mango sauce.  This recipe was adapted from a recipe found in one of my favorite cooking magazines that I subscribe to, Cuisine at Home.  Of all the years I have subscribed to various magazines, this one has consistently been my favorite.  By far it is the most useful, practical, and technique based, with a focus on good food and flavor rather than necessarily “easy” or “convenient”.  I like this approach to cooking.  I honestly do not mind putting time into making food if I know that time is well spent and in the end I will have created a delicious meal.  It seems a bit of a counterintuitive paradigm for food preparation in today’s culture of speed and instant gratification, but I get my pleasure from not just the end result, but the act of making food.  You know the phrase, “It’s not the destination but the journey that matters”?  I feel that this is especially true in cooking.  Yes, it is great to eat tasty food.  But that tasty food is even more rewarding when it was made through age-old techniques that do not sacrifice flavor for time or convenience.  I enjoy putting work into food, and I enjoy putting time into cooking.

And so does the rest of my family – here is a rare precious photo of my husband and my dad enjoying some bonding time by the grill:


The act of cooking can be as involved or not involved as you want it to be.  In my family, we have an entire culture around food – food brings people together, and allows for great memories to be made – not just of the flavors tasted, but of the people it was shared with.  So I bring you these delicious slow cooked mango BBQ ribs.  May they bring you a great dinner with friends/family, and great memories.

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