GF Cookie Cake

by Jenn on August 23, 2009

in Desserts,Flops,Gluten Free

After my last flop trying to make GF cookies, I decided I was not meant to develop my own cookie recipes and went with one that came out of a cookbook.  I changed it up a little bit by adding in almond extract instead of vanilla, and threw in some cinnamon.  I also used maybe 1/3 of the chocolate chips than originally outlined in the recipe.  I’m still going for that mostly snickerdoodle type flavor.

Well, this was met with the complete opposite result compared to the other batch.  This recipe used twice the butter, and as kinda expected, the cookies spread out way to thin while baking.  I had one giant cookie pancake when I pulled the batch out of the oven.  They didn’t taste bad, but they were too thin to hold together, and cookie dough had dripped down to the bottom of the oven making a great smoky mess.  After that first batch, I decided it wasn’t worth doing the same thing again with the next, and so came up with an idea.

If the cookie won’t hold a shape on its own, then give it a shape to fill!  So I took some ramekins, lined them with parchment paper, and filled them a little less than halfway with cookie dough and baked them.  They took a bit longer (about 25 min or so) than regular cookies, but largely more successful.  They rose beautifully and the result was these great almost cupcake sized cookie “cakes”.  Perfect!  I let them cool in the ramekins, slid a knife around the edges to loosen then, and then popped them out.  Placed upsidedown on a plate and topped with some coffee ice cream made for the perfect dessert!  Just one warning though, make sure you have friends to share these with, or you will be eating a LOT of dessert at once :)