Nonna Luna’s Rice and Shrimp

by Jenn on July 25, 2009

in Gluten Free,Pastas and Grains,Seafood

Giada De Laurentiis is one of my favorite celebrity chefs, because she emphasizes flavor over everything else.  That and I have yet to find Italian food I don’t like.  While I was watching her show the other day, her aunt appeared as a guest  and they made her grandmother’s famous rice dish.  Rice is “toasted” in butter and cooked in broth, and shrimp is served in a decadent butter and cream sauce over the rice.  If nothing else, remember this rice.  The buttery al dente rice is out of this world!

To give the dish a little bit more color and some added flavor, I also added in scallions, banana peppers, and bell pepper, which went wonderfully.  I also switched out the white parboiled rice for brown rice, because I love the flavor of brown rice so much better! I was a little dismayed to read on the comments for the site that so many people had issues with the dish, because I thought it was fantastic.  A lot of people said it was too lemony, and that it was silly to call lemon a secret ingredient because it was so overpowering.  In the end, I could barely taste the lemon, so I can definitely see why she called it a “secret ingredient”.  The dish would have been a lot less without the lemon, but its flavor definitely played in the background in the final dish for me.

My only real critique is that 1/2 lb. of shrimp is a very large serving per person, especially if this dish is not your only dish in your meal.  So depending on your situation/how hungry you are, you may want to alter how much you are making.