Cherry and Mulberry Bread Pudding

by Jenn on June 12, 2009

in Desserts,Gluten Free


Ok, I know lately it looks like all I’ve eaten are desserts, haha and thats probably because it is.  How bad of me I know! I promise more savory recipes (or at least less desserty ones) soon!

So this week at the farmer’s market were mulberries!  I haven’t really ever done much with mulberries, but decided that I needed to get some and that their home would be baked in yummy bread pudding, and ended up combining them with some cherries I had that really needed using.  Bread pudding is really easy to make, and works best with bread that is old or a bit stale.  This means that the typically hard/dry consistency of store bought gluten free breads that usually taste less than stellar are PERFECT for bread pudding!  While this particular picture was made with whole wheat bread (after all, I can still enjoy gluten every now and then, it’s just my husband who can’t), the GF bread really does work well here, because by soaking it you really soften it up resolving a lot of the typical issues with GF bread.  Feel free to give it a try, it just may make that frozen GF stuff a bit more palatable!

I really love spring/summer, I so live for fresh fruit if you can’t tell!