Vegetable and Walnut Risotto

by Jenn on May 21, 2009

in Gluten Free,Pastas and Grains,Photography,Vegetarian


This totally started off as an “I need to use things up and make dinner” dish.  But it turned out really well.  Walnuts go really well with vegetables in savory dishes and added a subtle complexity to the flavor of this dish.  Actually, this dish is all about subtle.  And how lots of different subtleties together can create something rich and beautiful.  This is not a dish where any one flavor “pops” or stands out, but where a number of flavors marry and blend together to create something synergistically delectable.  One note – use homemade broth if you can, the flavor will  be immensely better, and I really enjoy having some control over the saltiness of my dish.  For my broth I used some leftover from when I last boiled an artichoke.  I think this really made the dish.  So, go have yourself a great mini meal of some boiled artichoke dipped in yummy herb garlic butter the day before, and then make this risotto!  Ok, I understand not everyone is in love with artichokes the same way I am.  But I will at least advocate getting in the habit of making homemade veg. broth and using some here!