Lavender, Honey and Vanilla Custard

by Jenn on April 27, 2009

in Desserts,Gluten Free


Lavender is quite possibly my favorite flower in the world.   It is so fresh and sweet smelling, the very scent of it just makes all my troubles disappear.  I know flowers tend to be an iffy food choice for a lot of people, but believe me, lavender is wonderful in food.  We bought lots of dried lavender buds when we I went crazy buying a gazillion other herbs and spices from Atlantic Spice Co.  I decided to make some custard that I could take to work to have a little 10 minutes of heaven during my workday :)  One of the more recent times my husband and I went out to eat, we were served a lavender and vanilla bean creme brulee, and that was where I got the idea to try to make this.

I still cannot figure out how to not get air bubbles in the custard.  I tap the bowl on the counter a few times before putting it in the fridge, and I still get bubbles, as you can see.  Any tricks here???

Normally I am not a fan of taking pictures in such evening light.  However, I love the look of the long shadows cast by the garnish of lavender buds here, it looks like they are floating above the custard because of it!