Challenge Morel! Sausage, Sage and Morel Ravioli

by Jenn on April 11, 2009

in Gluten Free,Meats,Pastas and Grains


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This sausage and morel ravioli is my entry into the Marx Food dried morel recipe challenge!  I was inspired to create this dish by combining a variety of traditional French flavors into a rich flavor packed homemade pasta that really highlighted the flavor of the morels.  You can purchase both fresh morels and dried morels on MarxFood’s website.  A brief description as it might appear on a menu:

Sausage and Morel Ravioli
Ravioli stuffed with veal and pork sausage, gruyere, and morel mushrooms, topped with morel and white wine cream sauce

Thought and Inspiration

Creating this recipe was a challenge in several ways.  The first was deciding on the exact meat to use for the sausage.  Sausage is just ground meat with flavoring and seasonings added, and after making this recipe, I am never going to buy pre-made sausage ever again.  This was so much tastier, and I could flavor it exactly how I wanted!  I was really leaning towards using a veal instead of all pork, as veal is a bit leaner and has a more subtle taste – but I ended up mixing the two together, because combining the two meats I think results in an overall smoother taste.

The next difficult choice was the cheese.  Obviously ravioli is traditionally made with a ricotta or a parmesean.  Neither of which I thought would work here.  Ricotta for being the wrong flavor and parmesean for being too strong.  The highlight of this dish is the morels.  I needed the flavors to blend together, without losing the taste of the morels.  I had thought about a lot of other cheeses, and ended up finding this great resource along the way if you ever need to learn about cheese.  But in the end, I decided on the gruyere, because it tends to be a bit milder and is more of a blending cheese compared to something like parm.

The most obvious challenge was creating a Gluten Free (GF) version of the ravioli.  Pasta needs gluten to give it elasticity which is crucial in getting it to roll thin enough to use.  Xantham gum is like a magic glue that holds dough together in GF recipes, so I used a lot of it here.  I’ve also learned along the way that mixing a number of flours together generally ensures greater chance of success.  I decided to go with half starches and half flours and keep adding eggs until it looked like dough, and that seemed to be a good approach!


And yes, I really do love my china :)