Sweet Potato Chips

by Jenn on March 13, 2009

in Budget,Dairy Free,Gluten Free,Snacks,Vegetarian


Eating gluten free presents its challenges when it comes to snacks, especially in the “chips” department.  Potato chips can be OK, but any seasonings typically have modified food starch or something else gluten free kids would react to.  Also, many chips are deep fried, and potatoes alone can be kinda starchy.  Also, some manufacturers reuse the grease that the chips were fried in, so if the grease cooked chips that had a gluten ingredient/flavoring, that gluten can contaminate a “plain” batch of chips.  Tortilla chips often have wheat flour in them, making them hard to shop for as well.

So instead, we make sweet potato chips at home.  They are baked instead of fried, and use a minimal amount of oil.  We made two kinds – mesquite and italian herb chips, both of which are very tasty.  They can also be cheaper.  At $.99 a pound for sweet potatoes and even using all of the herbs and spices, these still come out to about $3 total for the volume similar to say a bag of Terra Chips.