Sweet Potato Chips

by Jenn on March 13, 2009

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Eating gluten free presents its challenges when it comes to snacks, especially in the “chips” department.  Potato chips can be OK, but any seasonings typically have modified food starch or something else gluten free kids would react to.  Also, many chips are deep fried, and potatoes alone can be kinda starchy.  Also, some manufacturers reuse the grease that the chips were fried in, so if the grease cooked chips that had a gluten ingredient/flavoring, that gluten can contaminate a “plain” batch of chips.  Tortilla chips often have wheat flour in them, making them hard to shop for as well.

So instead, we make sweet potato chips at home.  They are baked instead of fried, and use a minimal amount of oil.  We made two kinds – mesquite and italian herb chips, both of which are very tasty.  They can also be cheaper.  At $.99 a pound for sweet potatoes and even using all of the herbs and spices, these still come out to about $3 total for the volume similar to say a bag of Terra Chips.


3 large sweet potatoes (this will make about 3 cookie sheets worth of chips, or about 6 servings)
spray oil (we use a spray grapeseed oil, or spray EVOO using a hand pump mister)

1. Slice the sweet potatoes.  Make these very thin (1/8″ inch or less).  If you have a mandoline, this can become very handy here, because you want them all to be the same thickness so that they call cook evenly, and slicing sweet potatoes thinly is hard.  We don’t have one (we may buy it for ourselves before our bridal registry discounts disappear later this spring), so I used my Santoku knife and went as diligently as possible.  They weren’t perfect, but they worked well enough.
2. Line cookie sheets with aluminum foil, and spray with oil.
3. Place sweet potato slices on cookie sheets, so none are on top of each other. Spray with more oil, and sprinkle with generous amounts of seasonings and salt.  For the italian ones, we used italian herbs (rosemary, basil, oregano, etc.) and red pepper flakes.  For the mesquite ones, we sprinkled on our favorite mesquite seasoning that we bought from the Atlantic Spice Company.
4. Bake in oven at 375F for about 15 minutes, or until the sweet potatoes are definitely cooked all the way through ( they may begin to crisp up a bit, but make sure they are at least cooked).
5. Take out of oven and flip over to other side, spray with more oil, and add more seasonings.
6. Turn oven up to 450F, and bake again about 10 min. or until the slices are crispy.  This may take some watching/babysitting depending on how thick/thin and consistently the sweet potato slices were made, as well as the whim of your oven, what rack they were on, etc.  I typically use the middle rack. You don’t want them to burn, cause that isn’t as tasty.