Salmon Cakes with Tomatillo/Cilantro Pesto

by Jenn on March 29, 2009

in Gluten Free,Seafood


Ok I know this combo sounds odd.  But it’s tasty.  I was inspired to make salmon cakes after checking out this post from Cara’s Cravings.  But I wasn’t really feeling like wasabi and tofu.  So I made a slightly different twist on the flavors, using fresh (well as fresh as Ohio gets, in that it was previously frozen) Alaskan salmon.  The Environmental Defense Fund has a really good site called the Seafood Selector for checking out the safety and eco-friendliness of various seafoods.  For example, this is the entry on wild Alaskan salmon, which they rate as “eco-best”:

Salmon caught in Alaska (chinook/king, chum, coho, pink, sockeye) are among the better-managed fish stocks in the U.S. They are also low in contaminants.  Most Alaskan salmon populations are healthy, and fish are caught with gear that does little damage to the environment.

For the salmon cakes, I mixed in some egg, some fresh chopped cilantro, and some GF bread crumbs (really any bread crumbs will do, so if you are not GF, don’t worry about it), and some tomatillo salsa.  They ended up created pretty decent patties that I cooked in my skillet, and then topped with a “pesto” of sorts.

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