Spicy Quinoa with Tomato and Black Beans

by Jenn on March 18, 2009

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Quinoa is the world’s magic grain, I am convinced.  Quinoa is naturally gluten free, and it is the ONLY grain to my knowledge that counts as a complete protein source.  A complete protein means one that has all eight essential amino acids.  It is also high in calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin E, and many B vitamins, as well as being super high in fiber.  Technically, quinoa isn’t really a grain.  It’s the seed from a S. American plant known as the Goosefoot plant (pic from Wikipedia):

Usually when I cook quinoa I treat it very similarly to rice or couscous, at least as far as what I cook with it.  It has been great in various soups, or a salad.  I’ve even made a pretty successful crust for quiche using quinoa, parm., and egg.

Well, always being eager to look for new recipes using quinoa, I learned that one of my coworkers, Marcy, uses quinoa a lot, and she shared with me some of her recipes.  Today I made one of her recipes, and am so excited that I am going to add this into our regular cooking repertoire, because it is so good!  She is vegetarian and went vegan for a while, and this recipe I think she and her fiance developed during their vegan days.  Either way, it doesn’t matter.  There is so much flavor in this dish you won’t be missing anythign!   It is a modified version of this quinoa and black bean recipe from allrecipes.com, and she agreed to let me share with you her culinary awesomeness in this adaptation that she has created:

Ok, I’ll admit my “garnish” is a bit extreme….but I LOVE cilantro!!

Also, this meal was super cheap to make.  It came out to under $1.50 per serving!