French Onion Soup

by Jenn on March 23, 2009

in Soups


This is something I was taught how to make by my mother.  My mom LOVES onions, and so that was very much reflected in our cuisine growing up.   Onions were pretty much (and thus are today) a daily food in life.  I really don’t think I go a single day without eating onions in something.  They are fantastic for you, and depending on how they are prepared, can be transformed into a wide variety of flavors and compliment almost any food.  Well, what better way to enjoy onions than a nice cup of french onion soup?

I’m not sure that this soup would pass the test of your stout devotee of la gastronomie française, but it sure passes my test of good comfort food, and is prefect for these sunny days and cool nights that are indicative of early spring.

As you can see in the picture, I didn’t put in quite a full ounce of cheese, and it shows.  And you don’t have to grate the cheese.  I just find it easier because burnt cheese on the soup bowl is a pain to clean.  With grated cheese I have a lot more control over where the cheese ends up, and can make sure it all ends on top of the soup for easy cleaning :) Ha yes, sometimes I am lazy.  I’m sure you all think I slave away ALL day cooking because I have nothing better to do, but sometimes, I do a few steps to make things easier!


Sorry to all of my gluten free friends, I don’t yet have a recipe for GF baguettes!