Breakfast Burrito

by Jenn on March 5, 2009

in Breakfast,Gluten Free

Warning – this post is not gluten free! – but it can be made to be by omitting the tortilla


Ok this is a quick and easy yummy thing I like to fix myself when I am looking for a good substantial breakfast that is going to last me a while during the day.  I like my burrito wrapped in a tortilla like a traditional burrito, but my husband loves them as just the egg wrap or in an ALL corn tortilla to be gluten free.  I happened to make these for my parents while I was visiting them this week, and my mom gives me her stamp of approval!

I like doing these as something different from a traditional omelette, and this way you can stuff it full of great fresh ingredients – I listed what I used here in the recipe, but you can totally feel free to experiment with whatever you have on hand  or feel like.  I usually grab stuff on hand.  I pretty much cleaned out my parents’ fridge of things that really needed eating, and made a yummy breakfast meal.  I really do try to make sure that food doesn’t go to waste.  It kills me if food ever has to be thrown out.

And ok, so my breakfast was really brunch, I slept in a bit on the day I made this…

Anyways….here is the recipe!

Oh – and this plate is part of my parents’ beautiful Portmeirion collection.  I just love their day dishes!!

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