by Jenn on February 23, 2009

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Haha that’s a mouthful to say (don’t pronounce the “gl” in the name)…Also known as Zabaione depending on which recipe you read….

So I had made this awesome angel food cake this weekend that used 12 egg whites.  Well I couldn’t just throw all of the egg yolks out, so have been looking for some cool ways to use up my 12 egg yolks.  I called my mother (my mother is ALWAYS good for getting great cooking ideas) and she says “zabaglione!” I replied, “zaba wha???”

Ok – so zabaglione is a traditional creamy, foamy Italian style custard, consisting of egg yolks, sugar, and marsala wine.  I referred to Marcella’s book, since she is the definition of Italian cooking.  I don’t think I quite got this perfect, I think I maybe should have added in another egg yolk to thicken it some more, but it worked, and was tasty.

First, I beat the egg yolks and sugar together (by the way this picture was a lot harder to capture than I expected!):


Then, place on top of my double boiler (the water was simmering), I slowly beat in the wine, and kept beating until the mixture was thick and frothy with soft foamy peaks.  You really need to make sure that when you do this, you have a big enough bowl, because the mixture will expand greatly.

Looking back on this, even though the recipe called for a double boiler, next time I am going to use my copper beating bowl and just hold it over a pan of boiling water.  It was really hard to beat the egg mixture in the top pot of my double boiler.  Also, next time I think I will try using a whisk instead.  I didn’t here because, I hate to say it, I don’t own a whisk (Yes, you can all gasp out loud now). I know, that should be a criminal offense in the world of cooking.  I will make sure to pick one up, I promise.

But, for a first pass, not bad.  The flavor was great.  Will I attempt it again? You bet, and next time it will be even better!

4 egg yolks down, 8 to go…

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