Mmmm Salmon!

by Jenn on January 11, 2009

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With a sweet red pepper/onion sauce:


Ok so this was a recipe adapted out of this month’s Cuisine at Home magazine – it featured cooking salmon by roasting it in the oven – but with a neat trick to keep it moist and tasty –

Place  a pan w/ some water in it (I use a jelly roll pan) on the oven rack when you preheat the oven.  Then place the salmon filets onto a cooling rack, and place that in the pan w/ water in it (make sure your cooling rack is tall enough that the salmon isn’t sitting in the water!).  Then cook for 15 min or so.  Turned out extremely moist and yummy.

Then I made this pepper/onion sauce to go on top (a bit of a deviation from the recipe in the mag), by sautéing some onions up w/ bell peppers in EVOO, and I added some of my Thai sweet red chili sauce to it and right before serving add in some fresh arugula and until it wilts a bit.  I also took their “recipe for 4” and put it all on my salmon, cause I like lots of sauce & veggie goodness!

I made extra sauce so when I cook my next filet, all i have to do is heat up the sauce and wilt more arugula.  No point in making more servings now, salmon doesn’t fridge and reheat that well…Also, this took me a total of 15 min to cook.  Very quick and easy.

I ate this with a side of a brothy soup full of broccoli and spinach :)


chzplz March 6, 2009 at 9:08 pm

cmon… could you include the recipe? pretty please?

chzplz March 6, 2009 at 9:08 pm

or at least the oven temp?

Jenn March 6, 2009 at 10:45 pm

Hi there – I am not going to include the actual recipe since it was published in Cuisine at Home, and publishing it here would infringe upon their copyrights. The technique I talked about for cooking the salmon can be used for any salmon recipe, no matter what the sauce/flavoring you choose to accompany it with. For salmon, I usually cook somewhere between 325 and 350F. Salmon is pretty forgiving, so that temperature range should work fine. I used 350 cause I use 350 for just about everything, unless it’s really critical that I do otherwise. Hope that helps!

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