Homemade Latte

by Jenn on January 5, 2009

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I made my first homemade latte today !


It came out alright, I dont think I packed enough espresso in, I also think I put too much water in, and skim milk is definitely NOT awesome in a latte….but I have confidence it will improve in the next few tries!

I don’t own an espresso machine, I have a stovetop espresso maker and an automatic milk steamer/frother.

The stovetop espresso maker is by Bialetti, and the automatic frother is a Nespresso Aeroccino.  These two items together are much more affordable than an espresso machine, and I feel very versatile.  The average stovetop espresso maker runs around $30, and the automatic milk frother was $90.  These items are also much friendlier to the limited counter space that I have compared to what an espresso machine would be, which is also important in our tiny kitchen.

Also, the milk frother is awesome for hot chocolate. too….seriously all you do it pour in the milk, put it on the stand that you see in the pic, and push the button.  That’s it!

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